STAY At Home Day!

Yes, it’s definitely a stay at home day today. I think I’ll make ALL Wednesdays HOME days…..plan nothing BUT get at lot done around here. I can’t remember the last time I did laundry! Thank goodness I have a lot of towels AND underwear!

My blind guy came bright and early yesterday morning for the final measure for the window in the family room and tells me that it will still be another 3 or 4 weeks……oh the joy of garbage bag and sheet covered windows!

This means that I have a bit more time to get the painting done down there….which has to be finished before the blinds are up… should be more than enough time but somehow I always seem to be scrambling at the last minute to get stuff like this done….I hope not this time. It’s a long weekend coming up (BC Day Holiday on Aug 3)….not that it matters what day of the week it is anymore for me….it’s hard to break that weekend mentality sometimes….but I still seem to accomplish more on weekends than through the week!

I picked up carpet samples AGAIN and will have a look at them in the daylight and night light to see which one I really want and get that ordered too. Then only the baseboards will be left to get done…..and eventually new furniture….and deciding what to do with that recliner!

the view with my coffee in the mornings.....I  really could spend all day just sitting out there....and sometimes I do!

the view with my coffee in the mornings…..I really could spend all day just sitting out there….

Our weather is heating up again. There is still a lot of outside work to be done, but I think most of that will have to wait until next year…..maybe by some miracle I’ll have turned into a gardener over the winter! I think not…..but, you never know.

I said I wasn’t going to pay the landscaper for the patio until it was completely finished. Well, I did and it isn’t……but there are just a few little things still to be done and it’s completely usable and I can keep on his case when, and if ever, my grass needs cutting……it’s been so hot and so little rain, the lawn, other than the odd weed popping up, hasn’t grown at all….and because of watering restrictions, it’s getting pretty brown and will likely get even worse!

Part of my day yesterday was looking for some patio furniture….it’s all on sale! Which is great, except that they’re sold out of most of the stuff I really liked or it wasn’t on sale enough to justify spending that kind of money. I thought now would be a good time, but maybe just waiting until next summer and paying the big bucks AND getting what I want, as opposed to “just about” what I want, would be a better idea. And if I just don’t go looking again….that is what will just happen!

Lunch with my friend L yesterday. Had a great time, spent 2+ hours getting all caught up. How does that much time fly by and you don’t see, or even at least talk to, someone!! When Ken passed away she dropped off the biggest and most beautiful orchid I’ve ever seen… is still sprouting and blooming over a year later! She knocked on the door….just a bit and then just left it. It’s one of those things….she wanted to say something but…..then she wanted to call but….then time just passes by and you get busy doing whatever. We used to do a lot of things together… club, monthly girls night out, golfing etc. and always had so much fun. I was still working, she wasn’t….her and her husband are both busy and away a lot of the time…but now there is no excuse to not get together way more often.

Tomorrow is shed cleaning day….at least I hope it still is. Ken’s brothers are supposed to be coming over to help me go through it…..what to keep, what not to keep…..and just what the heck some of the stuff is! I think I’d win a contest for who has the most wrenches in the world….besides a store! Car parts galore, but from which car I have no idea! I’m pretty sure most of it isn’t actually junk but if I don’t need it, besides trying to fob it off on them or my kids, what do I do with it? A garage sale might be in order…..I like going to them but don’t like having them….it can be a lot of work to make a few bucks. Or maybe taking them to a “swap meet”, especially the tools and car parts…..someone, somewhere must want or need this stuff!

Also in the final stages of the Mexico trip planning…..that should be finished today. Extra days in Mexico city and tours too take….one week has morphed into two now.

I don’t think I’ll ever learn to organize my “retired” time…..especially there being only me! I know things would have been very different if Ken was here and retired too. I know my life wouldn’t be as hectic as I’ve made it…..I wonder if I’ve subconsciously done this on purpose or whether I’m just plain old dumb! I’m afraid I’ll have nothing to do and then end up with way too much to do. Maybe it’s still early in the game and of course being summer I’m sure makes a big difference. I love it though and wouldn’t trade a second of my retired time for those stressful work days….I am very lucky!



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