Good Party!

Despite the rain….and hail….and thunder and lightening!!

That happened around 4 o’clock just as people were starting to arrive. Luckily that was just about the end of the crappy weather for the day. We did have a sprinkle or two later but not enough to “dampen” the party.

Not everyone showed up, which was too bad, but not really a bad thing either because then it wasn’t as crowded so it all worked out.

organizing the it notes with what food went where...came in handy for those helping get the stuff out!

organizing the table… it notes with what food went where…came in handy for those helping get the stuff out!

There was lots of food, which was my biggest worry. Everything went pretty smoothly even getting everyone through my little buffet line. Because of it being wet outside, the little kids ate at the kitchen table so I had to relocate the kitchen table starting point to the dining room table, which made it a little more squishy but it all still worked out really good. The big people ate wherever. Lots went back for seconds, which was good as I didn’t want to be eating hamburgers for the next week! And there was only a scoop or two of the salads left at the end of evening…..I didn’t want to eat those all week either!

The little kids had a great time out in the backyard…..lots of running around AND screaming! It was fun though and their little cousin from Alberta was here so they got to know him a little better.

This morning, of course, the sun is shining and it’s much warmer. My hanging baskets are finally filling out very nicely and looking pretty good. I love the yellow daisy things…..the nursery person called them black eyed susans, but I’m not sure that’s what they really are. They’re really fun, pretty and bright trailing plants that perk up the baskets.

looking pretty good!

looking pretty good!

All that’s left now is the rest of the mess. I did some clean up but I was just too pooped to get all of it done. My nieces helped pack up the leftovers and get them put away and since I’d used paper plates and plastic cutlery and cups, there weren’t a lot of dishes to deal with so I just left them for this morning. Ken would have had them all done last night…..

My son bought a mouse trap for me, for my little brown rat. He loaded it and stuck it in the bottom of the BBQ last night, which is where I think it lives. After he left last night, I took it out and tripped it! As much as I don’t want rats around, I just couldn’t handle the thought of that poor rat getting it’s neck snapped in that thing and worse still……me finding it the next day!! So for now, I’ll put up with the stupid thing hanging off the birdfeeder and making a mess in my BBQ.

This week I’m doing NOTHING! Or at least I don’t have any big plans….I need a week to get caught up on my reading! I may head out and have a look for patio furniture since it’s all on sale right now but that’s a fun thing to do and maybe lunch with a friend…..or pick up the paint for the family room…..



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