Ah Sigh…..Rain

rain, rain go away........

rain, rain go away……..

…..it’s light rain but it’s blooming rain!   Of all days……oh well.  It’s still early and it is supposed to clear up later this morning…..my fingers are crossed!

Salads are just about done or prepped (Caesar) and just the last bit of cleaning up to do around here.  I was going to do a yard clean up too but will have to wait for a while to get to that.

I think the list of people now exceeds 50!  I’m trying to keep this as simple as is humanly possible with that many people.  It’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to set up the table buffet style that will keep everyone moving along as quickly as possible. My dining room is not very big but at least you can walk all the way around  the table……I’ll probably set it up so people can go down either side of the table for salads and burger toppings with the meat in the middle.  The kitchen table will serve as the starting point with the plates (recyclable paper), cutlery (beautiful clear plastic) buns and condiments.  I hope that works.

I bought 250(!) plastic glasses at Costco, way more than I need I’m sure but you never know. I even picked up some lovely plastic wine glasses from the dollar store. Everyone is bringing their own booze or whatever else they want to drink. I’ve borrowed a couple of coolers to fill with ice to keep it all cold.

"classy" plastic wine glasses!

“classy” plastic wine glasses!

With all the disposable and recyclable stuff I’m hoping clean up will be a snap. That’s always the worst part of any party…..the clean up!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything…..I really don’t like to have to make those quick last minute dashes to the store to get whatever.

The patio just about got finished yesterday……just about. It was a little too wet from the night before to get the sand/silica stuff on properly. He’s got to come back tomorrow…..offered to come today and I said NO because I was afraid he’d show up at 2:30 and make a mess. So as a result I can say…..and it will be painfully obvious with the wheelbarrow, tamper and bags of sand…..it’s a work in progress. At least it’s usable and I’ll need it if it doesn’t stop raining!

Wish me luck!



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