Menu Planning and Happy Birthday Bev!

just about finished!  Not quite the "rustic" look I was hoping for....

just about finished! Not quite the “rustic” look I was hoping for….

The patio is just about done!  What a relief…..this will make Sunday stress free.  They arrived early (for them!) yesterday morning and stayed until after 6PM.  The only thing left to do today….depending on the weather….is the layer of silica/sand and then tamping it all in and hauling away all the old wood, stumps etc.  It’s raining this AM but I’m hoping they can get back at it this afternoon and finish it once and for all!   Even as is, it’s usable, and if it does rain on Sunday, there will be enough covered area to use.

What do you feed 50 people?  It’s got to be easy and not something fussy that requires a lot of work.

  • beef burgers
  • turkey burgers (no veggies….thank goodness!)
  • hotdogs (mostly for the kids)
  • Buns, buns and more buns…
  • Caesar salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Chips (regular and tortilla) with various dips
  • Slab cake of some sort from Costco

A little trick I learned from my DIL’s father from his years of experience cooking for girl guides….for the beef burgers, when cooking for thousands, put them in a large pot (pasta or dutchoven type) add a packet of beef stock and let them simmer away on the stove for a bit.  Then when ready just throw, as many as needed at a time, on the BBQ to give them the final grilling.  The burgers are incredibly juicy and delicious!  It’s best if they are the sirloin burgers, but works good with any of the frozen ones you can buy by the case!

I’ll have cheese slices, tomatoes, lettuce and condiments that everyone can plaster on their buns.  If I have time I’ll slice up some onions…..maybe even fry them up on the BBQ.

I don’t think anyone will starve and I certainly hope I don’t have a ton of leftovers….my freezer is still full of stuff that I’m trying to work my way through.

I’m celebrating two birthdays today!

Off to lunch with the “old” girlfriends to celebrate one of their birthdays (yesterday)…..I don’t see all of them very often, so it’s fun to get together and catch up.  One passed away a couple of years ago and one other can’t make it today, so there will be 6 of us that have known each other since we were 4 or 5 years old!

Then it’s dinner with my BFF Bev to celebrate a milestone birthday (today) for her!

This morning I’m hoping I have some time to pop into Pier 1 to check on their summer clearance sales……now I need some furniture for the patio!  If I have time in between lunch and dinner I’ll head to Costco for my Sunday party supplies.

Another busy day…..I can’t wait until next week……I have nothing planned….YET!



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