Patio Started………

I need this finished by Sunday!!

another layer of finer gravel today and hopefully pavers tomorrow.....and the junk gone!

another layer of finer gravel today and hopefully pavers tomorrow…..and the junk gone!

He mentioned/mumbled some problem about getting all the pavers (either 18×18 or 24×24)…….I hope he was joking!  It already looks 100% better under there.  They managed to get one of the fence panels out without the whole thing falling down, which is good since replacing that isn’t in the budget right now.

Met with the Oncologist for my SIL yesterday.  Not a terribly nice person….young, rather arrogant and no bedside manor whatsoever.  Discussed a few things, then he got right to it!   “You’re terminal” !!!  I almost fell off my chair……we, the girls and I, figured as much ……being blunt and to the point is a good thing and appreciated BUT having a little compassion when you’re firing off a deadly bullet helps in this type of situation.  Saying something like, “it’s not curable, but we’re going to do everything in our power to treat it to keep you with us for as long as possible” would soften the blow a bit and you’d know that they weren’t writing you off from the get go!!   He still hadn’t got the biopsy results, so doesn’t even know what kind of cancer he’s dealing with…..hopefully today they’ll know.

I can’t get too caught up my SILs case……or I’m hoping I don’t.  This brings back way too many memories!  It’s an easy thing to do when someone is in such a vulnerable situation and has no one else.  If you can’t advocate for yourself, what do you do?   If it’s anything other than lung cancer, which is what the Dr thinks it is, I’m hoping they’ll refer her to the Cancer Agency.  He’s an “onsite” Onc at that hospital, where they do have a chemo unit, which would be convenient for her but will she get the proper care with this guy??  I’m not sure about that.

I painted yesterday…..Bev helped.  All the walls are primered now and I’ve started on the ceiling, which is neck and arm breaking work.  The ceiling panels absorb the paint like a sponge.   This definitely won’t be finished by the weekend and the house will be in a mess but oh well……I’ll just tell them I’m still renovating, which some how makes the mess a little more acceptable.

I’m out for most of the day today…..heading to a Bird Sanctuary and then heading to a pub out that way for dinner with friends.  Should be a fun day BUT I should probably just be staying home to keep on the landscapers case and carry on with my painting…….I do get my priorities a bit skewed sometimes!!



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