Tuesday + Landscaper = Patio

Any bets?   He’s promised it will be finished by next weekend….I hope so because I have about 50 people coming for a party next Sunday.

He dropped by yesterday to show me what he’s going to do……a bit scary since it involves having to take one of my fence panels out to get the little digging machine in.  I’m not in the market for a new fence just yet.

My buddy Bev came by last night and helped dust, sweep, wipe down everything and anything in the family room that is covered in drywall dust……I’ve got the paint and I’m ready to get going on the ceiling tiles…….painting was option #4.  The tiles I want…really, really want….are just way to expensive….even option #3, which was just new plain tiles was going to cost a few hundred bucks, so painting what’s there will work for now.

The blind lady is coming on Monday…….she’s not blind of course.  My two options are 1. plantation shutters

what I want.......

what I want…….

2. plain old faux wood blinds.   I have always wanted shutters but we’ll see if my budget can handle them.  Even option 2 is not that cheap but good old Home Depot has a 20% off sale going on until the end of the month on window coverings…..we shall see!

I just love all this overlapping of projects……it reminds me to not do this again!  Which is the same thing I tell myself everytime I do it.  I will never learn!  I’ve accepted that now……I think…..this is just me and seen there is just me I figured better learn to live with it.   And, I think the best part of all this is that it’s a good excuse for a messy house!   If someone unexpected drops by, I can always say I’m in the middle of a reno….or two…..or three.

The annual CDS barbeque tonight…..it will be lots of fun as usual.  Salad and appy already made so I’m ready to get going!



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