No Throwback Thursday

I’m running out of old pictures!! So I probably won’t do too many more Throwback Thursdays. Someone has started “Thankful Thursday”, which is kind of a good idea……it reminds you to think about all the good that there is in your life…..which we can all forget sometimes on those “down” days.

Before...Ken's handy work ripped out....and part of my bookcases taken down!!

Before…Ken’s handy work ripped out….and part of my bookcases taken down!!

not quite the same shot but the same wall...all done!

not quite the same shot but the same wall…all done!

What I do have are some before and after pictures of the family room…..the drywall is finally finished. Seriously….I thought they were never going to be done!!

Paint, ordering blinds and carpet shopping are on the agenda today. I always think this stuff is fun….until I actually have to make a decision! There are just so many different products to choose from…..which is great unless you are ME! I should probably take someone with me otherwise I can easily turn this into a major ordeal.

The landscaper is supposed to start on the patio today….I moved everything that was left under there out yesterday. I’ve left all the choices of stone slabs up to him…..he’s the expert!

under the deck....waiting for the work to begin!

under the deck….waiting for the work to begin!

Yesterday I was on the go from 9AM until 9PM! The evening was the best part….a Prosecco and Rose Wine Tasting, at a great little bistro, with a girlfriend. We tried at least 6 or 7 very different ones. I ordered a couple of bottles. They served a great “Mediterranean Salad”, which was a meal in itself,
to go with the tastings.

One thing I am going to get for myself today is a daily planner…..I thought I’d seen the end of those when I retired!!  But I’m quickly finding out that it’s quite true……you are often busier than ever when you retire.  Not all terribly important things but enough to keep you on your toes!   I really hate to miss out on anything so I’m very quick to accept invitations to go places or do things……only to find I’d already had something planned for that time.  I do write all this on the calendar but that doesn’t help when I don’t have it with me!   Keeping track of which day of the week it is can be a bit of a challenge too!  I know the date…..because it’s right on my computer…..but is it Monday or Wednesday or Thursday?  Yesterday, S and I were making plans for “tomorrow”, which were really for Friday, not today…..ack!!



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