Another Busy Week!

I’ve even double booked myself for Thursday!! I really need to keep track of things better… this morning I have filled in my calendar with everything that I can remember! That’s the scariest part….what have I forgotten??

My worker guys are still here…..ah sigh. They said they’d be done today….I really hope so. There is already quite the mess downstairs…..everywhere! No point in doing anything about it until they’re finished the sanding…’s only going to get worse. Some of it is being tracked upstairs too. Drives me a little crazy.

I did head out yesterday to pick up some carpet and paint samples….the fun stuff. I’ve had an offer from my brother to help with the painting….he also volunteered my SIL. The coffered ceiling tiles are a bust…..way over budget, so for now, what I have will do, with a coat or two of paint. Blinds are the next thing on the agenda…..once the sill is in, which should be today.

I have to go out at some point today….and I guess I could, even while these guys are here, but if they have a question (they’ve had quite a few so far….) I’m afraid that they’ll stop whatever until I can answer them….which I don’t want to happen. Nice guys but I’m done with them….really. This is one of the problems you run into when there is just you. You’re really kind of stuck in what you can do or where you can go.

So, for this morning at least, I’m parking myself on the deck with my book. Not very productive but it’s about all I can do…..and since our sun and warm weather is back I am not going to complain.



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