And for once I’m not wishing it would go away!   Now that said….it hasn’t amounted to enough to really soak anything this morning and the sun is supposed to be back out this afternoon.  But a little is better than none….I guess.  And it was much cooler this morning…..only 20C (70F)….I had to put a sweater on!

I’m hoping that this bit of rain will stop from having to move onto the next level of water restrictions, which would mean no watering at all except for potted plants.

The drywaller arrived just about on time yesterday.  They’ve finished getting it all up and taped.  Today is mudding.  Hopefully they work weekends and tomorrow would be sanding and remudding if necessary.   Five or six days seemed like a long time, at least to me, to get this job done but if you only work 1/2 days, I guess it is what it is!  I’m assuming contractors like this take on as much work as they possibly can, just in case, and then try and spread themselves thin getting them all done.

A couple “before” pics….

he had to tear down the paneling (Ken's handy work....) on this wall to even it out.

he had to tear down the paneling (Ken’s handy work….) on this wall to even it out.


This one is a bit dark but it’s showing the old paneling that we painted over years ago…..

Once they’re done I’ll have to get in and order my Plantation Shutters for the window.  They’ll have to be custom made I think, which means cha ching, cha ching but I’ve always wanted them and my sheet/garbage bag set up just won’t work for me to too long.

new decorating statement!!

new decorating statement!!

The landscaper called yesterday…..he’d had some problems and will start on the patio next Thursday.  Any bets on that one?  I hope so because I’m having a party on the 26th and would really like to have that done.  I’ll have some painting and staining to do after he’s finished and that only gives me a week…..and since I’m not terribly speedy getting stuff like that done I can only hope I’ll have time to finish it.

Maybe the rain will get rid of the ants!  I’m so just done with them…..I’ve sprayed and have ant traps everywhere but nothing is helping.  I’m not the only one though so it’s probably the hot, dry weather than is causing the investation.  So far still none in the house, except by the door where the kids spilled their juice box yesterday….I thought I’d cleaned it up but will give it a good scrubbing again today.

Last evening I was sitting on the deck reading….it was around 9:30ish, when I noticed the birdfeeder swinging around.  It was either a very fat mouse or small rat having a feast.  It didn’t even flinch when I went over trying to shoo it away.  I sprayed it with water so it decided to jump off the feeder onto the post and run along the edge of the deck…….I sprayed it again and down it went….I’m pretty sure it’ll be back.  Ah sigh.  I just hope he/she doesn’t get into the house!!

This will be a quiet weekend!  No plans….the kids are all away camping so unless something impromptu pops up, I’ll be able to get a few things on my list done around here.  I could even get some of the painting done under the deck if the temps stay down and it doesn’t rain anymore…… 🙂   As much as I love having everyone over on the weekends, sometimes these quiet ones are just what I need to recover from a busy week AND to catch up on reading.  It’s funny how, even being retired, so much still revolves around the weekends!



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