Nothing Exciting…..

It’s so hot….too hot to do anything!  And it’s supposed to continue for days AND days.  I’m not really complaining though…..I have A/C so can live with it but I do feel bad for those that don’t.  It must be unbearable.

I have three projects on the go……sort of.  None of them are seeing any action at this point, which is driving me a little crazy.  The patio under the deck is starting the week after next….and hopefully finishing then too!  That will make more work for me such as painting all the posts and beams under there so that it looks nicer.  I have an old table that needs a bit of repair and a fresh coat, or two, of stain.

The garage is still a work in progress….I’m assuming!  My BIL is away right now but I’m hoping that he’ll have the plans ready for the permit and variance board deadline for July when all the plans have to be in for review at the August board meeting.

The family room……had a guy come in to look at it and give me a quote last Thursday for gyprocking but I still haven’t heard back from him…..hopefully Monday.

I get really quite frustrated waiting for all this……it’s really beyond having patience, I think.

I’m not sure but I think that if there were the two of us, we’d be busy working on some of this stuff ourselves.  Having to rely on others for things is just too annoying for me.   That said, it’s too hot to do anything outside, even first thing in the morning… was 25C (almost 80F) when I got up at 6:30!

No plans for today.  I haven’t heard from the kids yet but they’ll likely be over this afternoon.  If so we’ll BBQ something for dinner……I’m going to empty my freezer.  So much stuff in there I really need to use it or, depending on the dates (which I put on everything I repackage….thank goodness!!), chuck it.

Just another day……..



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