Cleaning……and Cleaning

It just never seems to end!   I get one thing cleaned and find something else in the process……it really is a thankless job in some ways.   Very satisfying for a few hours, or maybe if you’re lucky a couple of days, then it just has to be done all over again.  But it is certainly nice when the house is relatively clean and tidy.  I’ll get to all those other things that still need doing, like baseboards one of these days……for now though, the cobwebs and dust are gone and it’s passable.

Maybe I just need to have company more often….that certainly gets me motivated.

I don’t bake…..I don’t like to bake.  It’s way too finicky for me and I’m not very good at measuring and following directions to a tee, so whatever I make doesn’t usually turn out quite like it’s supposed too……definitely it doesn’t look like it’s supposed too….but there is one thing I can make, thanks to frozen puff pastry and a handful of grated, aged cheddar!

Rustic Country Apple Pie!  The cheddar in the crust really makes this delicious!

Rustic Country Apple Pie! The cheddar in the crust really makes this delicious!

Slather it with ice cream and it tastes good no matter what…..that is my kind of baking.

Ken was a dessert guy.   His Mom liked to bake and had lots of time back then so I don’t think a dinner ever went by in his house growing up that didn’t include dessert.  I did try for many years but short of a cake or muffin mix, nothing I made was worth drooling over.  The odd time I’d get something right but more often than not, it would taste good but look terrible or just the opposite.  Even cheesecake is a challenge!  How do they get them to rise so much…..and then stay that way?  Mine are rather flat and full of cracks…..ah sigh.

He never went without his treats though,…..that’s what bakeries, friend and relatives are for!  My neighbor used to make birthday and wedding cakes.  She always had all those corners and cut off bits leftover so when my son was over there playing, she’d send those bits, all nicely iced, home with him for his Dad.  My SIL, after a dinner at their place, often sent home a care package of her baked goodies for him.  He loved matrimonial cake and hers was really good.

Once he got sick, I did try to bake things more often thinking that it would put a few pounds back on him…..but it didn’t.  He was a good sport and ate whatever I made, or at least most of it.  And there was always ice cream…..he loved it.  I bought chocolate sauce, Reese’s peanut toppings, and various kinds of fruit to go with it.

The menu tonight is pork roast with my special garlic and brown sugar rub, roasted potatoes and onions and root veggies.  I found yellow beets, which are great.  They taste just as good as red beets but don’t make such a mess and can be roasted with everything else.

Today is supposed to be smoking hot!!  I hope not too hot to sit outside later…..not something that happens around here too often.


same basket, different side

same basket, different side

The hanging baskets love it.  They’re finally starting to fill in nicely now and the petunias are slowly tumbling over the sides.  I really thought I’d put enough plants in it to start but next year, if I make these again, I’ll really jam them in…..the more the merrier….and much prettier.



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