Throwback Thursday

Ten years ago we were getting ready for my son’s wedding on July 31st.

They had a “destination wedding” of sorts…….on one of the beautiful Gulf Islands, Mayne Island.   My DIL’s family has had a cabin there for eons.   It was a favorite place of her Moms.  Her Mom passed away in 2004 at the very young age of 51.  Kim had many great memories of summers spent there through her childhood.  It was a special place for her and the only place, in her mind, to get married.

A lot of planning went into this.  A few day trips over the to island to get the hall picked out and rented, the catering organized, locations for pictures and a visit or two to the one lone bakery to pick out a cake.  There were a few tears and a few disagreements but in the end it all worked out and those trips, very costly on BC Ferries, were well worth it.

one of our views.....

one of our views…..

Ken and I rented a house, for the week, right on the water with beautiful views across the strait.  Lots of ferry and other boat traffic to watch along with the odd whale and many seals that frolicked only a few meters offshore.  The house was big enough and with enough deck and yard area to accommodate all the family that were staying over the weekend.  I thought my Dad and brother and SIL would stay but they were actually pretty smart and stayed at a B&B away from the 3 or 4 days of chaos.

We hosted the rehearsal dinner…..usually just for immediate family and the wedding party….but because 80+ people had made the trek (costly trek on BC Ferries) and were staying in hotels and B&B’s I invited them ALL!  I had made the whole things as simple as possible…..burgers and smokies and salads.   All went off without a hitch considering we’d just gotten access to the house at 3PM that afternoon!

Everything went perfectly the day of the wedding…..considering there were at least 20 people trying to get ready in that house.  On top of the family that stayed inside, some nieces and nephews and  their significant others had set up camp in the yard……we had one bathroom!!  It was a challenge but I gave them all notice that Ken and I got first dibs on it.

trying to get the "receiving line" organized.....and not a bad place to have one!

trying to get the “receiving line” organized…..and not a bad place to have one!

The reception was beautiful……we’d decorated the hall and outside covered patio area the day before while waiting to get into the house.  The party after was lots of fun……kind of the best part of any wedding that you’re involved in……the stress if all gone and time to just have fun.

They had planned the wedding for the long weekend, so it was a 3 day affair.  The day after the wedding, we also had the gift opening at “our” house.   We started around noon and carried on until quite late in the day.  Many people were heading home later that afternoon but had managed to stop by for a while.  Not to replicate the rehearsal dinner, I’d bought tons of cheese, crackers, cold meat and had manged to whip up a salad or two.  We had buns and smokies leftover so those got thrown on the BBQ at some point.

In hindsight, I do now wonder why WE hosted all this stuff……her Dad had the cabin, albeit a little rough, there was a huge big yard and the weather was good so everything was outdoors and her Grandma and Aunts had rented an even bigger house than ours, so other than having just US over for dinner one night, they didn’t really contribute a lot to all the activities!  I know, had Kim’s Mom been around, that wouldn’t have been the case…..her whole life surrounded her girls and this would have been so special for her.   I was truly in all my glory doing all the dinners and I loved having all the happy people around.  But I was thankful for the quiet time later on.

enjoying the quiet time after......

enjoying the quiet time after……

After most of the guests had left it was incredibly peaceful and we looked forward to having a nice quiet restful time the for last few days.  The kids were staying too but at the “cabin”, not with us.  A few friends had also decided to stay the week at other cabins/cottages and make it a bit of a holiday.  We spent the rest of the time exploring the island and having some great dinners together.

Ten years ago seems like forever ago now…….things were soooo good for us.  Who knew!!

Ken took most of our pictures, so as usual not too many with him in them……how sad really.  But he was a much better photographer than me and liked taking the pictures (mostly so everyone had their heads!!).



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