What To Do, What To Do…..

…..about doing SOMETHING!

I managed to do some of my list things yesterday, which did give me some sense of accomplishment.   Today will hopefully be much the same.

The key for me is to FORCE myself OFF the computer……or maybe I should just delete those solitaire apps!!!!…..or create a program that will shut the game down if I spend more than one hour playing it.   It is a terrible habit to have gotten into.

What is hard for me right now is the fact that I am NOT on vacation….this is life now and it can’t go on the same way….there is more to retired life than this!   All this said I really don’t spend my entire day on the computer but a lot of that time could be better spent doing something else more useful……like cleaning or laundry or going golfing or going bike riding, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t make the effort is it!  I need to phone someone to go golfing and I need to go buy a bike…..two more things to add to those lists!

The other problem is the weather….not in a bad way because it is beautiful and I love it…..but it makes me think I should be outside doing something as opposed to inside doing those things on my list.   What I should be doing is a bit of both.   Outside on my deck is my favorite place.  I could sit out there all day…..and have done that on more than one occasion.  If this weather continues, which I hope it does, I will have gotten myself into another bad habit that will be really hard to break when the weather gets crappy.

I must say, as much as I like reading…..and playing solitaire…..I’m finding this getting to be a tad bit boring.   I want to do other things.   I want to go places.  I live in an area that has many wonderful parks, museums, beaches, trails etc.  You could find a different place and something to do every day of the year and not repeat anything for a long time.

This is the part or retirement that had me a little worried…..not going places because there is just ME.  I’m adventurous enough that I could do whatever, but I don’t because it’s not really too much fun to do some of this stuff by yourself.

I don’t have an incredible urge or need to have go to these places but I would like to get out and do some exploring.  When though and with who?  Do I need to give it a try one day, alone, and see how I feel?

For today though, I do have stuff to do……

I finally found out where my ants are coming from!  I had watched and watched them, after putting the ant traps down, trying to figure that out, but there seemed no rhyme or reason to where they were coming from or going to.  I put a bit of sugar water on the deck last night……they literally swarmed it.  I then watched to see where they were taking the treats back too…..they are going under the siding by the backdoor!  Hooray!  The ant traps, so far at least, don’t seem to be doing anything, except possibly killing the squirrels or mice….two more of the traps were gone this morning!   I will pick up some spray stuff today and hopefully that will, once and for all, get rid of them.  I really want to get my hummingbird feeder back up……it’s like an ant magnet…..but won’t take a chance until I don’t see the ants any more.   A few I could handle but…….



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