Next Project!

I’m breaking my own rule…….only one project on the go at a time, right?

I guess I’ve been breaking this rule for a while since the family room built-ins are still not finished.  One phone call could get that one done but alas…….I am the procrastinator extraordinaire!!

Today I start, or to be more precise, finish cleaning out the mess from under my deck.  I’ll take a picture before I start……those before and after pictures prove to me that I’ve accomplished something!

My landscape guy is going to do the patio under there for me.   I thought it would be a good summer project to ME, but once I started reading about what I needed to do, which is digging down about 4 inches, it was just not realistic…..especially if I ever wanted it really done…..and finished.   And on top of the digging, there are stones…..millions of them…..that I have to get rid of and all the dirt that gets dug out.  What in the heck do you do with all that??

He can start in the next couple of weeks and will probably take him a day or two at most.   I really want this done and it makes sense to FINISH this sooner than later so we can benefit from it through the summer.  The family room, such as it is, is at least usable.

My BIL is working on the plans for my carport/garage add on.  I need those plans to apply for the building permit, which I need before I can apply for the variance (because of the distance/clearance required by the city on that side of my yard) to build it.  Talk about bureaucratic red tape!  You have to apply….and pay…for a permit that might be useless if they don’t approve my variance request……go figure!!!

I will always wonder if I’m getting the best deal I can on these jobs that I will hire people to do.  Ken was the negotiator and bargainer……I’m not (except in markets!!!).   I really don’t like trying to get them to weedle down on their price because I think that means that something will not be done right or substandard products could be used etc.  And I’m not the worlds best researcher on these types of things.   I can only hope for the best.  And I guess I’ll live and learn at whatever the cost.

Yesterday was much more productive than the day before.   I did manage to get through more paper and make some of the phone calls that were on my list…..and then I finished the evening off with wine on the deck with my friend, S.  It was after midnight by the time I got home!!!  But it was a gorgeous evening…..pleasantly warm… spend in good company.

I still don’t like coming home alone though……it’s just an odd feeling, which luckily passes quickly enough.  I feel like I need to say something when I come in the door…..and I guess I could say it to the cats……but it’s not the same and I’m sure they know immediately that I’m home.   Time, I guess it just takes time…….



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