Not really…..just going to visit the kids for the day on THEIR camping trip.  It’s only an hour or so drive from home and I’m coming home to my own bed, so I can handle this!   It’s going to be a fun day.  They can still have campfires, which is good…..that is a really important part of camping to me!   I’ve made a potato salad and packed a bag of goodies…….chips, cookies and all that junk that you have when you go camping… food!

My poor little cat..... :(

My poor little cat….. 😦

Ginger the cat is not doing too good.  I went to visit her twice yesterday….poor little thing.  She wasn’t eating or drinking anything until I brought her the tuna!  She loved it.   I hope that’s a good sign……my daughter and I are going to visit her before we take off “camping”.  I don’t want to have to make a decision today……my fingers are crossed that she’s perked up a little.  The vet did say that she didn’t think she was suffering, so that’s comforting and selfish as it might be of me… makes me think that maybe…..just maybe….there is some hope.



2 thoughts on “Camping!

  1. I hope you enjoyed your day of “camping” and that all of you enjoying all the camping treats. There’s nothing like cookies, potato salad, and hot dogs in the open air.

    I hope the hard decision for your little rascal is a long way off.

    She looks so much like my own special Kootenay Kat! Kootenay was my best fur-friend for 19 years before her health gave out. She was frail, not eating, and although not in visible pain, I just knew she was suffering. It broke my heart when I held her for her last breath, but I know that I did the right thing. We love our pets sooo much – there isn’t anything that we wouldn’t do for them, right? So I knew that the last, best thing I could do for my little friend, was to let her go.

    Those little dickens —- they really know how to grabs our hearts, don’t they.

    • Hi Bonny. I did have fun day with the kids, lots of walks, at the beach, the playground (right across from their campsite….this is good and bad!!), poking sticks in the fire etc.. Good food of course and a beer or two and the weather was perfect for camping.

      Unfortunately I had to make that terrible decision about my little Ginger. She was so weak, couldn’t even hold her head up and had absolutely no interest in the tuna I took her yesterday. So, so sad. My daughter was the smart one……I’m afraid I might have tried to hold on for another day or two. More about her in my post today 😦

      But the afternoon took all this off my mind, which was a good thing.

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