Where Does All That Paper Come From?

I really don’t know what the trick is to keep on top of it all.

AND…..just why do I have so much of it?  Because I KEEP everything!

I’m not sure why……I was like that at work too but very often it came in handy there……here I’m not so sure!

I’ve spent hours….really only two….going through some of it.  I’m sure the trick is to deal with it when it arrives in the mail as opposed to stockpiling it for a rainy day.  Some of it of course, I do have to deal with, like bills, taxes etc.  Those things have a “due date” so I don’t have choice.  Most of these papers don’t have due dates so then there is no limit to when I get around to dealing with them.  That’s not true for my income tax but I’ve somehow managed to put that into the “do whenever” pile.  Luckily I get money back so no fines or fees involved…..it would be a different story if I owed them money!

I’ll plug away at this and then try and get myself disciplined enough to deal with the papers when I get them.  I really have quite an efficient filing system…..but no one that uses it!

Aged gouda, herb crackers and an apple....just missing the pink wine!

Aged gouda, herb crackers and an apple….just missing the pink wine!

The weather has been incredibly good but today is a bit cooler, which is very nice.  I should probably be outside doing stuff instead of rifling through all the paper!   It’s almost been too hot to even think about eating……but thankfully I have my stash of cheese from the Chuckanut trip so have been making and enjoying some nice simple lunches and dinners.   I’ll have to make sure I have stuff like this on hand all the time.  It takes no time to put something together and it’s probably a lot healthier than having a ham sandwich.

My little cat is very sick.  She’s just not rallying this time around.  I’ve been taking her to the vets office to get her pills…..I did manage the one last night, but I think it’s because she just doesn’t have any fight left in her.  That said, she was wandering around later and even jumped up on the bed, which she hasn’t done for a few weeks.  She sees the vet tomorrow, so we’ll see what they say…..I hope there is hope!  Never give up, right?  She’s not in any pain and seems quite comfortable….nibbles a bit here and there and is drinking….at bit.  My fingers are crossed.



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