Great Day!

Yesterday was lots of fun.  We headed across the border and managed to completely stay off the main hiway (I5) except for the last few miles heading back home.

The weather was terrific, not too hot at all, very comfortable.

We stopped at the oyster farm but way too crowded…..I think there were a couple of school groups and we had already picked up enough stuff for a picnic and didn’t need the oysters (…..or gorgeous looking crab).

Bow, or Edison, not actually sure which little town we were in, was really quite quaint.  A great little coffee shop, wonderful bakery and small food store that had wine and sausage etc. for our picnic.  There were some great little shops with beautiful crafty type things too.  The whole town was only a block long.  We also found the Samish Bay Cheesery (sp??) where we tasted….and bought… some fanastic cheeses.

Bow or Edison (?)  Bought the most incredible cinnamon bread for bring home and wonderful chewy baguette to go with our cheese for lunch!

Bow or Edison (?) Bought the most incredible cinnamon bread for bring home and wonderful chewy baguette to go with our cheese for lunch!

Lunch was at Larrabee State Park.  It’s a rocky beach but great for exploring.  Some beautiful windblown designs on the big boulders…..I had my camera and took only ONE picture!  Duh!

After lunch we headed down to La Conner.  Famous for it’s spring time tulips.   They were all over and done with but that whole area is just lovely.  Beautiful little farms, well kept heritage homes all with the mountains and inlet surrounding it.

We found a great little brewpub  there for happy hour and ended up staying for dinner.  We just ordered a bunch of appies and nibbled away…..we did order a second of their clams, which were sooooo good!   Our poor driver couldn’t drink too much of course, so had one early and that was it for him!   Had we planned this a little better, since we’re all retired, we could have just stayed down there for the night.  There’s a great little inn and a number of B&B’s……oh well….next time!

It was long day, but a great one.

Tonight I’m off to my brothers for what will likely be the best paella ever.  He’s picking me up and driving me home after so I can share a glass of wine….or two or three…with my SIL.  Luckily for me he’s not a wine guy or much of a drinker at all.

The bags are at the door waiting for the diabetes truck.  I wish they would come soon.  I hate looking at them and every time I go out to move the sprinkler, there they are!   There was a little bit of room in a couple of bags, so I managed to get another coat or two in.  But there is still stuff here…..not much but it’s still there.  I just don’t know when I’ll get around to really getting rid of everything… is a challenge.  I know by hanging onto bits and pieces nothing changes and it doesn’t make it any easier but part of me just can’t let it all go…..I don’t get it!!

We’re having a bit of heatwave for the next couple of days.  I’m going to go sit on my deck and read this morning.  That is my plan.  Whatever else needs doing will get done another day.  The kids are coming over later and we’ll get the pool set up for them in the backyard.   I love these kinds of mornings and afternoons……



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