Busy, Busy, Busy!

I have really created my own little mess here!  Being busy is a good thing, but I have to learn to say “NO” or plan appointments (cats) and when I’m going to take a plunge into a new project…..

Yesterday I was on the go just about from the time I got up until I went to bed.   I slept really well!!  This is good but……

Today is pretty well the same…cats to the vet, phone the city planning department (potentially hours on the phone!!) and then off for the afternoon with my brother to here  http://www.gourmetwarehouse.ca/   (this place is amazing and good for at least an hour or two of browsing…..)  and tomorrow friends and I are off an early start to here http://www.seattletimes.com/life/travel/a-food-loverrsquos-tour-of-washingtonrsquos-chuckanut-drive/ .

That is just way too much to do.  I don’t know what I was thinking……but I either want, OR need, to do it all……and always think all the timing etc. is good, no problem.  But if you throw one or more unexpected thing into the pot then it becomes too much.  I hadn’t anticipated the vet appointment….for one cat, let alone two, nor had I known I was going to have to call the city about a “site plan”.  Nothing is a big deal on it’s own but…….

I still have to get all the give away stuff in bags for the truck that is coming on Saturday morning…..I have to do that tonight so I definitely won’t plan anything after I’m back from our Gourmet Warehouse trip this afternoon.

I know that there is just me and really know what my limits are but it’s hard sometimes to remember that depending on what I’m doing or planning to do, that it can take me twice as long as it would if there were two of us.   Ken was the phone call guy…..he would have been dealing with city hall and his brother on the carport/garage project…..he would have KNOWN who to contact as opposed to me starting with the receptionist and going here, there and everywhere….but I’m living and learning.  He could have taken the cats to the vet while I was going to lunch with my girlfriends!  Just things like that would make “my plans” so much less frenetic or complicated……ah sigh.

How on earth did I ever manage to have time to work!



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