What SHOULD I Do Today?

The possibilities are endless!

What do I want to do today?    Is doing what I want to do more important than doing what I should do?

That is pretty much how my mornings start out…….ah, the life of a retiree!

Yesterday I sorted out my lunch dilemma.  I went shopping and made sure that I picked up things for dinner that would mean leftovers for lunch the next day.  I tried to stick with salad type things and then additions that can easily be added to the salad to make a good, healthy lunch.   Today lunch will be leftover salad with a few prawns thrown in.

I have the Canadian Diabetes donation truck coming on Saturday for a pick up.  When they phone, which is usually once every couple of weeks, I always say “no, I don’t have anything”.  Which is really not true……I have a  lot!   Having them coming on a specific day means I HAVE to get the stuff together.  There are still a few of Ken’s things lurking in closets…..I was going to take it to the thrift shop but, because I can do that whenever, I may never  get around to doing it!  This MAKES me do it.

My closet(s) are full too.  So many things now that I’ll very likely never wear again.  I have suits….a couple of really nice ones and skirts and jackets that I wore to work.  Our office had gone casual a few years ago, so they didn’t even get worn that often after that.   And shoes and purses!  My closet is jam packed, my dresser drawers are full……I don’t wear half the stuff anymore and goodness knows that half of it, or more, wouldn’t even fit me now.

Messy, full closet!

Messy, full closet!

There really is NO excuse for having a messy, overflowing closet or dresser now…….there  is lots of space in Ken’s!

Besides the clothes there is a ton of stuff, small household items that I can certainly get rid of……tablecloths for one thing…..just how many of those does one need.  Mugs…..I could open a restaurant!  So this is a good opportunity to really, once and for all, get rid of this stuff.   The weather isn’t supposed to be too good today, so I’ll spend my day doing this.

I think I’ve put off doing this because it seems like just about everything and anything I come across has a memory of some sort attached to it…..I stop and look at whatever it might be and think…….mostly good memories now.

This is good therapy and the fact that there will be a sense of accomplishment at the end of it really makes me feel good!

I must get to work!



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