One Month Of Retired Life…..Alone

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month!  It still feels like I’m on holidays….although I’ve not thought about work at all and certainly don’t miss it.

There is definitely some adjustment and discipline required when you retire…..especially if you are alone.

It would be really easy to just get up and sit around all day, at least it would be for me.  I need something, or someone, to keep me occupied or motivated.  Goodness knows I have a lot I could be doing but hunkering down and actually get stuff done is an entirely different story.

I’ve been out walking just about every day with friends, which does give you that burst of energy after.  I’ve tried the bike thing and really enjoyed that.  I’m far from “bike club” material but will work on getting better and I have neighbor that I could ride with once school is out (she works for the local school board and is off all summer).

I’m slowly…..very slowly….working my way through stuff on my lists.  It’s been so nice out the last little while that it’s been the outside stuff I’m getting through.  I’ve replaced the old landscape ties with stacking stones, which I must say looks not too bad….not perfect….but good enough for now.  I’m waiting to hear from my grasscutter/landscape guy about the patio under my deck.  There is still a lot of junk to be cleaned out under there so definitely a few trips to the dump to get rid of that.

Meals are still a bit of challenge for me…..dinner I’ve got down pat but now it’s lunches!   At work there was always “lunch time”!  When you’re retired lunch can be at any time…..or not!   I never really have “lunch” stuff around so often don’t have what I think of…..or used to think of….as a real lunch.  A couple of pieces of cheese and crackers or anything that I can find…..sometimes a bag of popcorn.   Truthfully I’d rather have a bigger lunch and small dinner but if I’m working away at something, I don’t even think about stopping to put together lunch.  I guess I’ll get this sorted out over time.   Ken liked his lunches……so I know if he were here we’d definitely be having a sandwich and maybe soup but that seems like a lot of work for just one person…..or more than likely we’d be out somewhere having lunch!   I do enjoy making a good dinner a lot more that throwing together something for lunch.

There are a number of people to phone on my “to do” list.  I still haven’t done that.  It’s very easy to put things off and I guess that is what retired life is all about isn’t it.

Besides our walks and all the things on those lists, I have plans for a couple of days this week…..lunch with the girls and a day trip.  Which is probably enough.  If someone asked me, I could do things like that everyday and never get any of the things I should be doing done.

I do think often though about all the things that WE could, or should be doing together.  It can’t be of course, so I can’t dwell on that……..can I?

Each day IS a new beginning.......and it is what you chose to make it!

Each day IS a new beginning…….and it is what you chose to make it!

This is so true!  Each day is a new beginning and only I can chose just how that day will go!  These are my words to live by!

It’s hard to NOT have a plan for your day.  After working for what seems like forever…… having a schedule of sorts, and of course a few years of caregiving……this takes some getting used to.  It’s really easy to make all these plans and lists and then just sit and do nothing about them.  I learned years ago that when I was on vacation and it was a “stay-cation”, to only put a couple of things on my to do lists.  I could actually get those done as opposed to the zillion things that I used to put on my list and then do none of them.    I think I still need to set some goals for myself  One of my biggest challenges is finishing whatever I start.  It’s always been easy to me to get sidetracked with something else, and it still is, or now, it’s just stopping and then doing nothing.  I’m sure I’ll adjust just fine…….one of these days.

Mornings are the best, especially when the weather is great.  It’s exactly what I was looking forward to when I retired.



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