It’s Raining, It’s Pouring……

Normally I’d be quite choked about this but my back needs a bit of rest and I’ve got lots of things INSIDE that I could be doing.

My stacking stone project is about half done, which is what I figured.  There was no possible way that I could have gotten this done in one day……not a hope in hell!  Measure once, twice or even ten times, move this block up, that one down or in a bit and then that one out a bit.  Very tedious but it all needs to done so that it looks good.  Crooked lawns and crooked houses don’t help matters.  I also ran out of the rock dust, which I’ll pick up more of today once the rain stops.  If it clears up I am hoping to get most of it done this afternoon.  The finishing edges that abut against the house are a bit of challenge because some the blocks will need cutting to fit properly.  I’m presuming I need to make some sort of a score mark and then use a chisel type thing and mallet to get the cut I need.   If anyone else, like me…a novice renovator/landscaper plans on doing something like this, that website is really quite helpful, especially for the corners, but it doesn’t go into any details on how to actually cut the blocks to the size I need.   I’ll google that later as I’m sure there are instructions online somewhere!   Ken would just know what to do……ah sigh.

I went grocery shopping yesterday….real grocery shopping!  It’s been ages since I’ve done that.  I find that I’m just running in and picking up bits and pieces that I need for that day or at that moment.  It’s not been a good thing.

Now that I’m retired, I’m finding lunch the hardest meal to actually have!  At work it was no problem……lunch time was lunch time.   I’ve got the dinner thing working pretty good but I find more often than not, I don’t even bother with lunch.  I might grab a granola bar (if I have them in the house!), chips, a handful of nuts, a piece of cheese or whatever I have lurking.   It’s not that I couldn’t miss a lunch or two here and there but I also don’t want to just fill my face with a bunch of junk either.

So now I’ve got bread, cold meat, lettuce and other things in the fridge to make myself a proper lunch.   I’d actually rather have a better, later lunch than a big dinner, unless I’m going out.  We’ll see how this works!



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