Basket Progress And A Project!

The baskets are coming along nicely.

deck basket.....a few of the petunias are starting to bloom.....

deck basket…..a few of the petunias are starting to bloom…..

And, since the weather has been great and will hopefully continue through the weekend… least no rain….I’m trying to do stuff outside, so replacing the old landscape ties, that have seen better days, is my project.

front basket.....looking good too!

front basket…..looking good too!

I spent just about ALL day yesterday washing the truck and getting is ready to use.  What a mess it was.  Not just dirty from sitting all winter but full of sap, moss, leaves and whatever else had fallen off the tree it was under.  Anyway, it now looks lovely and I’ll get it insured today.

I’ll need it to get the old ties loaded up and to pick up the crushed limestone that I’ll need as a base for the stones that I’m putting down.   I did want a brick planter but that would have cost a fortune and not something I could do myself so Roman Rustica stones were the closest match I could find.

tired old landscape ties and my pathetic garden!

tired old landscape ties and my pathetic garden!

I’ve got to figure out the order in which to do this……I’m thinking that I’ll go get the limestone stuff first, which they’ll just dump into the back of the truck.   I’m going to put an old tarp down and can then just use to dump it when I get home……we’ll see how that works!!   Then I can start pulling up and loading the old ties.  They will go to the dump tomorrow along with some of my sons junk from his garage……that will be the price for borrowing my truck….he gets my junk too!!

I then have to dig a 3 inch deep trench to fill with the limestone as a base for the stones that I’m using.  I measured, quite meticulously…..I think, to make sure I’d bought enough stone so we’ll see just how well I did with that.

86 blocks/stones and 4 corner ones.

86 blocks/stones and 4 corner ones.

If there were the two of us, this would be a one day project but…….I’m sure I’ll be busy at this the entire weekend and more than likely into next week.   I always seem to run into some glitch along the way.  This seems pretty simple and it’s not like I’ve got 50 feet to do.   Before actually buying the blocks I made sure that I could lift them!   They’re not too heavy but just a lot of lifting up and down.   The guys at the landscape place gave me some good tips for getting started….sort of doing a test of laying the bottom row out and where to start…….I DO NOT want to have to attempt to cut any of these blocks so the garden bed may be a little bigger or smaller than what I have now.

Wish me luck!



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