Beautiful Morning!

It’s on days like this that I’m so glad I’m retired!

The sun is shining, it’s nice and warm, birdies and kitties on the deck…..I love it!

Going for another walk today.  We (friends and I) did pretty good yesterday for our first “get in shape” walk.  I think we did about 5 km (just over 2 miles).  One friend has some health issues so they were slow walks…..with lots of stops….but a good start for him.  Our China trip will be pretty intensive so definitely need to get used to walking A LOT!

I spent some time puddling around in my backyard and under the deck yesterday……what a mess that is!  I talked to my grass guy and he’s going to give me a quote to get it fixed up and usable as a proper patio.  Hopefully it’ll be within my reno budget.  I thought this was something I could work on slowly myself but I was just overwhelmed really.  There are rocks, rocks and more rocks under there.  What in the hell do you do with all of those??  I don’t think my truck could hold all of it and where do you take them anyway?  That was the first obstacle.   Then there is the digging out of the dirt.  I could probably do that but by myself, I think it would take me all summer!

When I sat down and planned some of these projects, I really don’t think that I honestly thought about what was involved.  I can do a lot of things and am not afraid of labour intensive work, but I’ve never really done projects by myself.  There were always the two of us.  I think in my head I really thought that I could still do it all……it would just take longer, which of course is true, but it’s more often than not, it’s not the amount of work, it’s the heavy or awkward sized/shaped stuff that needs moving or loading into the truck that is my biggest obstacle.  Yet another stage of reality is setting in!!

With some help from my neighbor I got the truck battery recharged and now it just needs a good washing.  I’ll get it insured later this week and start my trips to the dump…..oh boy!

I have so many things I could be doing, sometimes it’s hard to decide what to start on.  Some of the things I want to do and others I HAVE to do……so I’ve tried to include some of each on the daily “to do” lists.

My daily lists aren’t very long……because then I wouldn’t get any of it done.  Just a few things that I can cross off and get that sense of accomplishment.  The rest of the day is then my time to do whatever 🙂



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