What Should I Do Today?

So many things I want to do……which is good but deciding which one is the problem.

It’s kind of dull and dreary so I think it’ll be inside whatever I finally decide on.  AND everything aches today from my marathon power washing yesterday.  But the deck looks great and is all ready to get set up now for summer.

On days like this I really need some incentive to get me going….the house is dark, so lights go on all over the place, not good for my hydro eco-challenge!  It’s on days like this that I can easily get myself into one of those funky moods, so finding a task(s) that will keep my mind occupied is really important…..and of course staying focused and sticking with doing one thing at a time or else I end up with more mess than I started with!

And a bit of shopping won’t hurt either!  I’m heading out this morning to get a mat to put under my BBQ.  Some nasty greasy type stains left on the deck, thanks to the squirrels or rats that decided to take up residence in my BBQ over the winter.  I had to scrub those stains on my hands and knees yesterday and even with the power washing, there are still some marks that I couldn’t get out….argh.

I had a ton of flowers from my retirement things, most of which were pretty much done by the time I got back from my mini vacation.  I did manage to pick out a few that had some life left and make a couple of little bouquets….the orchids are still really nice and a couple of protea , which grown abundantly in Hawaii, but I need some brightness in the house and a nice bunch of flowers will help so I’ll pick up some today while I’m out.

Then I’ll come home and tackle something…..probably putting together everything for last years taxes would be a smart thing.  It’s already late, but luckily I’m getting money back so no late fees will apply.  IF this gets done I’ll be able to close Ken’s estate account…..need the final tax return to do that!.  I find it hard doing these last things….just so final isn’t it?  But it has to be done and putting it off doesn’t change a damn thing!



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