Deck Cleaning Day!

strange black and yellow bug on my table!!

strange black and yellow bug on my table!!

Oh joy!  I will get on this as soon as I can this morning.  There are some rules/bylaws about when you can start making noise…..hopefully not later than 9AM.

After last year I think I’ve got this job down pat and luckily since it’s a weekday, most of my neighbours will be at work and not around to watch me put on a show with the powerwasher….like last year!  Live and learn…..and I have.

Trivial life lessons I guess, but when all of sudden there is just you, you learn from those experiences and that’s a good thing.

I know there are still many more that I’ll come across over time but I’m just about prepared for anything now.   Car issues though are another thing……….I’ll definitely leave that to my son or the experts.

My first day as a retiree at home worked out pretty good.  I didn’t do all the things that I’d wanted to but at least I didn’t sit around in my jammies all day and play solitaire!  Day two and I’m all ready to get busy and get a few more things crossed off those lists.

The weather has been pretty good but we’re in for a bit of a change over the next couple of days with the good stuff coming back for the weekend.  This is why I want the deck cleaned up and ready to go.

I still have that weekend mentality…..that’s when I can relax and do nothing.  But I guess that isn’t really the case is it!  I can do whatever any day of the week now……this will take some getting used to…….can’t teach old dogs new tricks and all that.   And truly before when I was working it was the weekends that I had to do everything!



2 thoughts on “Deck Cleaning Day!

  1. The good thing about retirement is that if you happen to sit around all day drinking coffee, doing crosswords (hey, mental exercise is good for you), getting out of your jammies by lunchtime, and watching The Social at 1 in the afternoon – it’s okay. There’s always tomorrow to get back to the list. Unfortunately, that list isn’t going anywhere without you.

    Enjoy, Linda.


    • I hope to have some of those days! I haven’t really had much “retirement” home time so far…..and I certainly haven’t found my groove yet. I’m still being busy trying to get this, that and whatever else there is to done……I hope this stops soon! I want one of those all day coffee days!

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