I’m Off Again!

Up to wine country for a few days to celebrate retirement…yeah!

yes......yes, it is!

yes……yes, it is!

My friend, R, retired on May 1st too.  We had decided a number of months ago that we’d do a girls trip to celebrate.  What started out at 5 or 6 of us going to Sonoma or Napa Valley for a week has morphed into 3 of us for 4 days in the Okanagan…..BC’s version of the Napa Valley.  http://www.okanaganwine.ca/

When we, all our friends and us, talked about retiring a number of years ago we had much bigger plans.  We were all going to retire within a year or two of each other.  Those plans, for one reason or another just aren’t going to happen now……Ken, of course, but other’s issues too…..getting old has not been good for some of us.

I’ve packed one of the bottles of Chateauneuf du pape that was for celebrating OUR retirement…..it still has the post-it note on it but with a date in 2012!  I guess that just means the wine will be even better now with a couple of more years of cellaring.

If I can’t celebrate retiring with Ken, I’m more than happy to be able to celebrate it with R.  We’ve been friends for over 30 years.  Our kids have grown up together, we’ve spent many holidays, including those camping days, together…..just lots of good times, good memories.

There will be lots of good food, good wine, good friends and of course……lots of good laughs.

It’s not quite what I had in my 5 year plan, but it’s all good!



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