I’m Officially Retired!

My last day at work was great.  Lunch out with my favorite people and then a great party in the afternoon.

Needless to say I didn’t actually do any real work.  My time, other than lunch and the party consisted of going through the couple of boxes of files I had and either passing them on or putting them into the recycle bin.  All my desk supplies were quickly scooped  up….. my deluxe stapler to name one…..I had 5 rulers!!

When I came back from lunch my temporary desk for the day was filled with flowers and balloons….all just beautiful.

Beautiful flowers and some of the balloons!

Beautiful flowers and some of the balloons!

There were two of us retiring, neither of us wanted a big to do, so the party in the afternoon, which was a lovely little catered affair with great appies and finger foods, was pretty well just our department and a few other special invitees.  They did a bit of a roast for each of us, with a slide show of pics from over the last 40 years……the hairstyles and glasses from the 80’s made everyone laugh….a lot!!

My departing presents are lovely….a couple of pretty Pandora charms and a gift certificate for more and a Dyson vacuum!  My boss, when giving me the present laughed and said that this would not have been his choice for a retirement gift but he’d had it on good authority (my daughter) that this was something I’d really, really wanted!  It was and I am thrilled with it!  But then I’m weird in that way…..I had been known to ask for a new iron or coffee pot for Christmas…..I’m just not a diamond earring or necklace type of gal.

a suitcase charm and one with flowers that look like plumeria.  The flowers signify a new beginning.....how true!

a suitcase charm and one with flowers that look like plumeria. The flowers signify a new beginning…..how true!

It was a fun day.  A tear of two did come towards the end but being on vacation for two weeks had already gotten work and all the day to day stresses out of my system….definitely was the way to go.

I’ll miss a lot of people but will keep in touch….especially for the gossip.  We’ll get together for lunches or maybe a girls night out.  There is already one get together planned for June 2nd.

I didn’t feel anything when I was driving out of the parking lot for the last time.  Not sadness, not excitement…..nothing.  Strange?  Maybe my emotions are worn out or used up!

Came home and unloaded my car, which took two trips, then headed to my friends D and D for appies and wine to celebrate…..which was pretty mild considering the occasion!

But after getting only 4 hours of sleep the night before (flight arrived at 10:45PM and not home until after midnight), jetlag finally kicked in around 10:30 and I was done.

What would Ken have done for me for this day?   Would he have bought a nice present…..I think so.  Would we have gone out for a celebratory dinner….yes most definitely.  Would he have also retired on the same day?  Just what would it have been like?  It doesn’t matter now of course, but I know it would have been different than it was….just how different though I can only imagine.  I know it would have been special.

The sun is shining this morning and the rest of the weekend is supposed to be terrific, so a good way to start my new retired life…….another step in finding my new normal!



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