One Footprint In The Sand

We’re leaving today… a few hours.

I was up early as usual.  Morning is the best time of day.  The sky is beautiful, the birds seem to sing louder and I have my “alone” time.  I love it.

Most mornings I”ve gone for a walk on the beach.  Not too many people about at 6AM, which is great.

This morning I thought I’d take a couple of plumeria down with me… for me and one for Ken.  If you throw them in the water it’s supposed to mean you’ll come back…….


I just sat for a while and finished my coffee and watch the ocean, the whales spouting off in the distance and the birds digging for their breakfast.

Time was ticking by……I wanted to get my flowers thrown in the water.  I walked a little further and found this rock…….


my heart shaped rock

The tide was coming in so the waves were nice and big.  I didn’t want those flowers to wash back up on shore so I walked out a little way to make sure they stayed in and floated off to sea……hopefully finding some of those ashes.

I walked on a little ways further and just sat again to watch the ocean.  It’s an incredibly peaceful thing to do.  I’d like to say I sat there and reflected on my life this last year…..which I did do a bit…..but I just enjoyed that moment for what it was.

Walking back I found the “rock” still there.  A wave or two had come along and tried to wash it away……but it didn’t…..the rock was too heavy…..kind of like my heart.

the ocean trying to wash my heart away....

the ocean trying to wash my heart away….

I would have liked to keep that rock but it was just too big and too heavy to add to my already overloaded suitcase.

I picked it up and walked out into the water and threw it too……as far as I could.  That just seemed like the right thing to do……it was my rock.  Ken was my rock and it should be out there with him.

not even the ocean could wash my heart away......the sands of time and all that.......

not even the ocean could wash my heart away……the sands of time and all that…….

This trip was interesting to say the least……it was a good trip but there were moments…….hard for there not to be with 11 people…..very different people.  But I’ll talk about that more later…….

Goodbye Maui…….



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