The Week Has Gone Fast

I’m glad there is one more left!

I love Maui….there isn’t much more to say about it.  Glorious weather and it’s great be with family.  I could only be better if Ken were here.

So far all is going good.  There have been moments, which I don’t think is too odd given that there are 11 of us in close quarters.

I do notice a difference without Ken.   I believe more than ever now that he is what pulled everyone together…..he was so un-opinionated about everything….so much more easy going.   It’s definitely different. Not a bad different, just different.  The brothers have not done anything together……which they always would have before……boys afternoon out!  It was usually just to a local pub/bar for burgers.  Not this time.  It’s too bad too because with my son being here this time, I think he’d have really appreciated those “outings”.

The grandkids are loving it.  They would live in the pool all day.  Sometimes they even go back down for a swim after dinner.  They’ve been boogie boarding and got the hang of it right away.  We did the Maui Ocean Centre, which they had a great time at.


My daughter took our granddaughter for “shaved ice” and she’s now hooked on it.  So cute sitting at the stand chatting away with the lady……she’s also having fun “shopping” with her toothfairy money.  My SIL and I have taken her out with us a few times so she gets a bit of a break from her little brother and baby sister.

One snorkel trip so far……very rough and a couple of our sailors didn’t fair too well, but had fun none the less.  Golfing tomorrow…..will probably only get one round in.  It’ll be me, my son and BIL.

Our friends left yesterday.  We had a great dinner one night with them……the boys at the BBQ but without Ken.  I’m sure he was helping them…….image

This morning is just a beautiful as ever…….oh to wake up to the sun and sea every morning.  I’m usually the first one up, get the coffee on and head down to the beach for that first cup and to watch for whales….I’ve seen only one so far.

We’re off to the swap meet today.  It’s like a big craft fair/farmers market.  Just a fun place to wander around for a couple of hours.  Lots of the same old, same old…..but some really unique stuff too.



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