Great Last Work Day

When I arrived and walked into our “war room”, which is what we have been calling the big office we’re using as a project room, and turned the lights on I had a very nice surprise!

last day decorations

I had a couple of meetings in the morning, only one of which I went too…..lots of visits from people through the day but I did manage to get a few more things done.  Now for sure, what isn’t done, isn’t going to get done, at least by ME!

The auditors arrived a little later with a nice cake and bottle of champagne.

cake and champagne from the Auditors

It still hasn’t really sunk in…..I’m just going on vacation, right?

I think I’d pretty well cleaned all my personal stuff out of my desk last week since I haven’t been using it for the last couple of months anyway….maybe a couple more things still lurking, like my pashmina but otherwise I’m done.  On May 1st, after the lunch and afternoon retirement get together for me and the other coworker that’s retiring on Apr 30, I’ll just have to hand in my security pass and photo ID and that will be it.

Today I’m in packing and last minute clean up mode.

I’ve made my list of odds and ends that I still need to pick up….sunscreen etc. and the things I’m going to pack.  I put the ashes packets at the top of the list.  This is not something I normally have to pack so very possibly the one thing that I could forget…..which would not be good, since that is pretty much the reason for the whole trip!

I’m getting butterflies, no moths so this is a good thing.  Last vacation I was pretty up tight those few days before.  There was just so much to think about on that one…..first one without Ken, going to somewhere very different, potential safety issues (totally wasted brain cells on that one!!), being away for a month, the cats, the kids… name it…..whatever I could worry about I did!

This time it’s not like that.  It’s a totally different kind of vacation of course.  I’ll be with my family and friends, no safety issues, I know the cats will be well looked after (thanks Bev!!) and it’s not an unfamiliar place.  And if I’ve forgotten to pack something….oh well, I know I can get whatever it might be anywhere.

I’m very relaxed now and looking forward to enjoying the next couple of weeks of sun and fun……and food, wine and some other tropical drinks.

Sleeping in this morning wasn’t a bad thing either!



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