My Last Day Of Work!

Not officially because I still have to go in on May 1st.  images4X433R1G

But today will likely be the last real day.  There is still so much to do and just no way that it can all possibly get done.  Meetings this morning to try and transition some of it to others…..just a little late but I did try to get this moving along before….oh well!

I don’t think it’s really sunk in.  It’s like any other time I’m going away on vacation….except this time I don’t have to go back!

Forty plus years is a long time….I’ve spent more than half my life there.  Some things I’ll miss (friends…especially Donna!), but there are definitely a lot of things I won’t miss either (deadlines, stress, getting up in the morning!)

I’m pretty excited, which may explain why I didn’t sleep terribly well last night.  Lots of things to think about….good, bad, sad, what if’s etc.   This isn’t quite how I planned retiring… certainly wasn’t to be just me, on my own!

This morning all seems good though……

My car insurance had to be renewed today.  Luckily I remembered on the way home yesterday….. and was pleasantly surprised that I will now save $20 a month because I’ll no longer be driving to work….I can insure for pleasure use only.   I wonder if there’s anything else I can save a few bucks on??

I think I’ll have a toast to retired life tonight!



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