Shopping Flop :(

I did get a new pair of sandals and a bathing suit top but that was it.   How disappointing!

I was really geared up and thought I was on a roll when I found the sandals in the first store I went into…..everything fell apart after that.  Bathing suit top was a find on the way out the door….and even that wasn’t what I had planned on getting!  It’s not the nice bright colours I was hoping for, but then in reality…..I got what I like and what I feel the most comfortable in……..that’s what counts.

Can't go wrong with black and white....and practical shoes!

Can’t go wrong with black and white….and practical shoes!

There was just nothing that really caught my eye….except for a pretty white sleeveless shirt that they didn’t have in my size.  I was hoping to find a cute dress or two in bright summer, maybe even tropical-ish, designs, but that doesn’t seem to be one of the fashion things this year. The only thing I got out of it all was sore feet!  Huge mall….must have walked miles.   Maybe I’ll start sewing again after I retire…..some beautiful bright tropical material that you can get.  That’s what I used to do before a vacation…..simple pattern, simple dress, fun material…..hmmmm.

The birthday party(ies) was chaotic and fun.  I couldn’t tell you how many kids were there but at least 50 I think….just lots!  And the presents……OMG.  These kids already have a ton of stuff, where they are going to put all this new stuff is beyond me….but that’s their problem.

Suitcases are gone….how sad.  It’s like another slice of my life is gone too.  But what else could I do.  I couldn’t keep it….I did keep some of the tshirts and a few of his fav shirts….for that quilting project down the road some day…maybe.  Keeping it would change nothing…..

.....still working on this!

…..I’m getting there.

It’s hard having a practical, realistic side.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a cold person….I’m not, far from it actually.  There is still more stuff…..a few more coats, shirts, hats etc. lurking here and there and I’ll work on that one of these days.  There is no prize at the end of the day….definitely a no win situation…..for getting this done so I’m not in a big hurry.  I’ve reclaimed some of the drawer and closet space….very slowly….I guess maybe that was the carrot dangling at the end of the stick…it is nice to have that extra space.

Today is a busy day….or will be……if I do all that I have planned.  It’s mostly housework and packing.  I have to clean up the kitty litter area…..what a mess that is.  It’s in the laundry room, and the first thing you see (and probably smell!!) when you walk in the basement.

Tomorrow I will clean out my desk at work…..and bring more junk home that I don’t need.  What will I do with all those golf tournament trophies (good ones and worst “team” ones) and team pictures?  They like to give us coasters for project work….I don’t need anymore….certainly not most of these.  I have 3 sweaters and a pashmina…just in case I was cold.  I have a thingie to keep pens, pencils and post-it notes etc. in….I don’t need that either.  Then there are the magnets…..another goodie for project work….I think I’ll just leave those there.  Since I’ve already had 2 desk moves in the last year I did pare down a lot of the “junk”, so I’m hoping my briefcase will hold everything that I really want to bring home.

Even though it may not sound like it, I AM really excited about this.  I’m looking forward to my vacation(s) and then all that time to do whatever…..lots of stuff, or nothing.  As long as the weather cooperates, I KNOW I’ll enjoy the time I spend on my deck during the summer.  I really can’t wait to do that.


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