Throwback Thursday my Mom's 30+ years ago....white shorts, white legs!

lol…at my Mom’s 30+ years ago….white shorts, white legs!

Kind of before and after pics….

Ken liked hammocks.  I often wonder why we never bought one…..oh well.

10ish years ago in Mexico......only white feet!

10ish years ago in Mexico……only white feet!

I’m late today….slept in!  Really slept in.   I’m not sure if my alarm didn’t go off or whether I’d just turned the snooze button off so many times that it just finally stopped.

Oh well too…….I’ll get into to work when I get there.  So much to do and it’s not going to all get done before I leave, so I’m not going to get stressed out over it.  What gets done, gets done…..period.

Three days left!



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