Hot Cross Buns……One A Penny

Two a penny….hot cross buns!

Ken loved hot cross buns.  A couple of them toasted, with peanut butter, were one of his favorite snacks in the evening when Easter rolled around.

I bought some as usual this year, only ½ dozen though, and am slowly working my way through them.  I prefer them with a piece of sharp cheddar and then stuck under the broiler.

It’s still so funny some times….not funny, funny but strange, funny….how I think.  When I first seen the hot cross buns popping up in the grocery stores a couple of weeks ago, I immediately grabbed a package of a dozen because….”Ken really likes those”.  It was just such an automatic thing to do…….like nothing had ever happened!!  It took a second or two for my brain to connect the dots….I put them back.   Why, after all these months, does that still happen???

There was a bit of a change in plans for Easter dinner yesterday…..all for the good!  My granddaughter has gotten the chicken pox!  One of her uncles that was going to the family dinner at her other grandpas, had never had them, so they all came here instead!  Hooray!  It was hectic of course and we ended up doing a buffet style dinner, but it was lots of fun.  The weather cooperated too, so some fun outside time for both the kids and adults (Di….lol).

My granddaughter has been vaccinated, as have her brother and sister and most kids these days, but with her depressed immune system from JIA

it looks like she’s managed to get a very mild case.  The Dr doesn’t think the other two will get it….I hope not because we’ve only got a week and a bit to go before our vacation!!

It’s another lovely day so I’m really motivated to get more things crossed off my list….those suitcases are right at the top!



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