The LONG Long Weekend

I’m pretty lucky that my employer is closed for Easter Monday so I get a nice 4 day weekend.

I really have to make the most of it too……and I seem to have a lot of energy this morning!

....not the couch, but at least the kitchen table!

….not the couch, but at least the kitchen table!

I’ve slowly….very slowly started moving more and more things into the drawers and closet.  Later this afternoon those suitcases will go off to the thrift store, along with a couple bags of my old stuff.

On the way home I’m going to treat myself to a bit of a shopping spree….I have room now!

There are still some things to do with regard to estate type stuff.  All the major paperwork etc. is done of course, but there are a few things that just didn’t matter that much one way or the other really….like having the bills and the house put in just MY name.

If I don’t ever do this, it’s probably not that big of a deal, except maybe the house but even that…’s still MY house.  It should be changed and will be, but after I retire and I’ve got the time through the day to see a notary or lawyer.

Then there are all the bills….telephone, cable, gas, electricity etc.  Ken was never the bill payer in our house….that was my job….but all those bills are in his name.  I’m sure as long as I keep paying them, they aren’t going to complain too much.

The good news is that I must have been very eco-efficient last year as I got a nice little $75 rebate cheque from the electric company.  But of course it’s made out to Ken….not even the estate of!  I’m hoping that since it’s not a big cheque the bank will just deposit it….or I could probably deposit it through a bank machine and no one would be any the wiser for it!

I hadn’t even thought about any of this stuff until that cheque came!  I wonder what else I hadn’t thought of?  I’m sure I’ll eventually find out.

Had a fun night at Bev’s for Chevy’s birthday party.  I think he liked all the attention he was getting.  He’s such a cute puppy.

Hmmmm….what should I buy on my shopping spree?  I don’t really need a new bathing suit….I don’t really need anything for that matter, but something new and summery for Hawaii would be nice….of course I could always use another pair of sandals…..I’ve got lots of room now on the shoe rack too!



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