April Fools!

Is it really April already?  And are you supposed to say “Happy April Fools” day?

Other than being a bit windy and chilly, yesterday was beautiful, bright and sunny for most of the day……so March did go out like a lamb.  I hope April doesn’t bring April showers though……rain and me are just not good together!

Last night was the first time in quite a few days that I’ve had a really great sleep.  Early to bed, but not so early to rise!  I hit that snooze button so many times this morning that it finally just stopped going off……which means I’m off to a late start.  Usually that’s not such a good thing for me but since I had that “chat” with myself last week, now its kind of like, I’ll get there, when I get there.

Sleep is such a good thing.  I feel very well rested this morning.

And I am happy today, regardless.

yes.....yes, I can!

yes…..yes, I can!

I’d really not slept well for quite a while….just too much in my head about everything.  But surprisingly it was work stuff that had taken over so many of my thoughts.  This project is definitely stressful and probably not the best way to have ended my working life but it’s keeping me busy and my mind occupied, maybe too much.

Eight days to go……



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