Almost Time to Pack

I have a couple of weeks left but I’m determined to not leave this until the last minute.

Hawaii is pretty easy to pack for….a couple of bathing suits, capris (don’t do shorts anymore L ), tshirts, sandals, flip flops and maybe a skirt.  The best part of it all is that I’m not wearing any of this stuff now, so it’s all ready to go.

Sunscreen is a must of course and I’ll have to pick some of that up.  But I wonder who will put it on my back this trip?


That was Ken’s job!  I won’t be able to take over this one.  For a number of years I did often wonder why I had some strange tan lines on my back, but after seeing this pic from one of our holidays, I figured that out!

Tomorrow I’m taking the ashes to the memorial place where they’ll take out some of them to package properly for the flight.  I don’t know just how much yet, but it’ll have to been enough for me, the kids, grandkids and Ken’s brothers to scatter.  Just how we’ll do that I haven’t quite figured out yet.  It’s not legal to just scatter them on the beach.  You’re supposed to be 2 or 3 miles out to sea.  We won’t be doing that.  So however we do it we can’t be terribly obvious.  I also don’t want to be stressed out over getting in trouble either so I’ll get that all worked out somehow.

I’m a bit torn with this vacation.  I really am looking forward to getting away….sun, beach and warm weather but we’re going and leaving a little bit of Ken there.  He loved Maui so I know he’d be happy about that… of his “happy places”.

I want the grandchildren to share in this experience but I don’t think they’ll really understand.  I’m hoping that they’ll just be playing in the sand, building sand castles or digging holes and they can sprinkle some “fairy dust” on whatever they’re doing or building.  One day, when they’re old enough to understand we can tell them that it was Grandpa.

April 20th will be the day.  That will have been a year.  It’s hard to believe.



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