All Thought, No Action!


I didn’t do a damn thing around here last night….what night was left by the time I got home.  After working late and stopping on way home to pick up a few groceries, there really wasn’t much of a night left.

I was supposed to phone the tax lady tonight, but it was too late to do that.  I still haven’t collected all the stuff I need anyway.  I’m sure I’ll leave that until the last minute and then be scrambling around, digging through those boxes full of paper looking for anything else I forgot.  I guess I should put those boxes on my “to do” list for tonight!  I’m the worlds best procrastinator!

Taxes were never Ken’s job, so this year isn’t really much different than any other…..a few more forms and T4’s etc. but that’s it.  I’m usually a little more organized than this especially when I know I’m getting money back!  I also usually do all the taxes myself but I’m not this year.   I’ll leave it all in someone elses capable hands.

Still very busy with the project at work and I think I’m still suffering that “feeling” from packing up most of Ken’s stuff over the weekend.

I’ve got to get on the car rental for our trip too….I can’t leave that to the last minute.

My problem is that I just think too much about what I should be doing as opposed to just doing it.  I really don’t have any excuse for not getting everything done, other than being tired…..and just a little lazy.  Some of this stuff really needs to be done sooner than later and none of it is rocket science!

I did get to bed earlier last night, so hopefully I’ll have a little more energy and brain power to get at all this tonight!



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