Fun Picture Night!

I think everyone, at least those that didn’t doze off, liked my pictures!  I did warn them ahead of time that there were a lot of them…..but they all know me so knew that anyway.

The Western Wall in Jerusalem.  There is a his and hers side!
The Western Wall in Jerusalem. There is a his and hers side!

We had a great dinner, lots of chitchatting….and wine.

R is the gal that is retiring on the same day as me, so we finalized some of our plans for the trip to wine country on May 4th.  What started out as 5 or 6 of us is down to 3.  But that’s a good number.  We have 3 full days up there, so my theory is each one of us can take a day to be the designated driver while the other two do all the wine tasting….it all works good.  R is going to pre-prep a dinner for us for the first night we arrive and then we’ll just play it by ear depending on what we find at markets during the day.   I can’t wait!  Back to back trips, even mini ones, are fun.

Notes and prayers written and jammed into the cracks on the Wall.

Notes and prayers written and jammed into the cracks on the Wall.

Today is more cleaning and organizing and getting rid of things and stuff…..maybe even a car!

I’m on a bit of a roll and need to keep that going so I hope I don’t have too many distractions today.  Yesterday I found another receipt that I can claim on my extended health plan…..$160!  Maybe I’ll find more today!

I also have to get my income tax all sorted out and Ken’s too.  I usually use a tax program and e-file but this year I’ll take it to someone because it’s just a little more complex filing one for an estate of…..and I just don’t want to deal with that myself.

I found out about transporting the ashes yesterday.  Easy peasy… Saturday I take the urn/container into the memorial people, along with the cremation certificate, and they’ll take out and repackage however much I want to take with me.  They’ll issue another certificate verifying the contents etc. etc.  I was a little worried that I might be leaving this a little too late, but phew, it’ll only take a couple of days, so I can wipe my brow for that one!

I have emptied 3 of Ken’s drawers.  Not a terribly easy feat, but surprisingly not as emotional as I thought it was going to be…..there were definitely a few tears though.  The socks are gone to a good home (my son) and hopefully all the other things that I’ve packed up so far also find good homes.   There were a lot of ties.  Ken hated wearing a tie.  Years ago, he used to have to wear them to work, so a tie was always a good, easy, affordable Christmas present for the kids to buy him.  I know he was pretty happy when he could stop wearing them witht a move into a more casual office.  But why did we keep them for all those years after?  Don’t know……other than they were one of those things that had ended up at the back in the bottom drawer.  Out of sight, out of mind.  They were easy to let go of because he never liked them to start.  I know there are a couple more in the closet on one of those tie hanger thingies….the ones that he kept handy if he ever had to wear one.

So even though I’ve been busy cleaning, tidying etc. it still looks like a bomb has gone off in some places around here……ah sigh.  There really must be an end to all this at some point.  Maybe once I’m retired………



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