Spring Has Sprung!

Yesterday, at least based on the date, but not so much the weather.

I don’t think I can really complain too much about our weather, considering what the east coast went through this winter, but I don’t like those gloomy, dark, dull, rainy days that we see at lot of on the west coast.


We had a little run of terrific spring weather a week or two ago, but now, the last couple of days we’re back to our typical spring weather……rain, rain and more rain!  I think we’ll see a bit of sun tomorrow afternoon….if we’re lucky.

Spring means spring cleaning….  Nothing can be done outside when it’s like this and who’d want to be out there anyway!  I’ve got my list and lots to do inside, so will get working on that this morning.  I’m going to tackle some of my drawers…..clothes drawers.

I’ve packed up some of Ken’s stuff and if I’m going to drop things off again at the thrift store I might as well take some of my stuff too.  It actually makes this a little easier……just like the old days when, once a year or so, we’d go through closets and drawers getting rid of the things that had worked their way to the back…..truly, never to be worn again.  Or the stuff that you always hope you might fit into again…..NOT.

I know what to do with all Ken’s socks, plain white ones…..my son can always use them.  But it’s the underwear……I hate to throw any of it away but really….who would ever want used underwear?  No one that I can think of.  So I just have to put it all in the garbage.  I know it sounds silly, but that is such a hard thing to do.  Probably harder than giving everything else away.

I’m off to dinner and trip picture night at our friends.  I hope they aren’t bored to death by the end of the evening!  It’ll be a fun evening with great food, great friends and I’m sure a glass or two of great wine.

Holiday pics!  This was taking from a  place called Migeddo, where the Armageddon is supposed to happen, when it happens.  It’s a view of Nazareth up on the hill across a valley that is part of the “Fertile Crescent”.


And….this pic of school girls in Egypt.  They all dress the same.  The boys were in blue shorts and light blue shirts.

the one in front is on her cell!

the one in front is on her cell!



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