Why I Should Clean Up More Often

It’s nice to find a surprise when you actually get down to going through and cleaning up all those papers!

I managed to get through all the most recent “kitchen counter” papers and since I was on a roll I grabbed another handful from a box in the spare room.   Most of it was already old and ready for shredding or junk that could go straight into the recycle bin but….I also found some receipts for physiotherapy and a prescription that I can still claim on my extended health plan.  It’s a couple hundred bucks!

I’d completely forgotten all about these so this has encouraged me to really get cracking and go through the rest of those papers.  I know there’s a receipt somewhere for the walker we bought…..that was $300!  Probably a few others too.

That box is full of papers, mostly from the beginning of last year through to the summer.  It’s all mail and papers that accumulated over those months when Ken was in hospital and then for a few months after.  I just never seemed to have time, or the energy, to really go through it all and the pile on the counter just got bigger and bigger.  When it got too big, I’d just move it to the box to go through later…..and start another pile.  I have, over the last few months, gone through some of it, usually when I’m desperately looking for something and know it’s in that box somewhere.  I know too, there is probably some stuff  in that box that I really don’t want to see, but like everything else, it’s got to be gone through eventually.

So I guess at the end of the day, these receipts are my prize, or reward, for getting this done.  A few hundred bucks certainly doesn’t hurt!

I have a house/cat sitter coming while I’m away……another good reason to get some of the junk cleaned out AND to try and keep the house relatively tidy until then.   It’s one thing to have company over for an evening….you can do that quick clean up thing chucking everything into a closet or drawer…or spare room, but when someone is going to be here that’s an entirely different story.  The more I can keep on top of it all the less scrambling around I’ll be doing the night before I leave.

I’m still on this project at work…..I don’t think it’s going to end before I retire.  It’s a good thing and as much as I complain about working late and some weekends, I am enjoying it.  But those late days don’t leave a lot of time in the evening to get things done around here.  It’s really important that I stick with my “plan” each night when I get home because it would be really easy to just grab a bag of microwave popcorn and hit the couch until it’s time to go to bed……..I won’t do that though….I have a list to keep me on track.  I love my lists!



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