Candles, Food, Women and Wine!

All makes for a fun evening!  There were about 20 people including one guy…..Kevin is a friends daughters fiancé.  He actually likes candles and had a good time too!  He also left with a “new to him” leather jacket that fits him perfectly!

Too bad the shoes were gone because I think he wore the same size as Ken.  Kevin is a terrific guy and Andrea is a very lucky lady to have him….I know she knows that and appreciates him more than anything.  They’re off to a good start.

There’s a lot of Ken’s stuff that will be easy enough, or as easy as it can be, to let it go, but something’s should have a special place as opposed to just a thrift store.  I know once the stuff is gone, it’s gone and I have no control over who gets it, so whatever I feel is a little more special needs to go to someone I know will appreciate it…..not to say that those that buy things in thrift stores don’t appreciate it but…..well, you know what I mean…..

Kevin loved the jacket and I know appreciates it!  I’m happy it found a good home.

I did feel a bit bad for the candle lady last night…’s hard to keep control of 20 women!  It’s too easy for side conversations to just pop up and the whole sales spew thing starts to go sideways a bit, but she did manage and I’d say the sales were pretty brisk.  As hostess of the party, my daughter got what she wanted for half price.

Since my house is clean (for now!!), today will be a “paper” day.  I have to go through all the papers that have been accumulating again.  Now I’ve got year end tax stuff mixed in with bills (old and new!), bank and investment statements and a lot of junk mail.   I’ll spend most of the morning doing this.  The only other thing on the agenda today is getting the knobs on those cabinet doors……I WILL get that done today….I will.

I’ve still got a long ways to go in that TV room but it’s all going to have to wait now until I retire…..just no time right now and I’ve already got enough to do without trying to organize the rest of that…’ll get done when it’s done!

Raku pottery.  I might have to find another piece or two.....

Raku pottery. I might have to find another piece or two…..

My new thrift/consignment store find has found a temporary home on one of the shelves…..I think it was a steal for $8.50!



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