I’m A Good Mom!

She didn’t quite say that…..but at least she did say I was a bad one!

Very interesting appointment yesterday.  Nice lady……which is good because I was going there prepared to defend myself against any comments about being an enabler.

She asked me to tell her how I see my daughter with her up/down mood swings.  My daughter agreed that I was right on!  The Dr thought it was good that we both seen everything the same way.  L was already depressed and throwing the loss of her Dad into that pot makes it all the more difficult for her….it adds another level of complexity to the whole issue.  The Dr is very much into the Cognitive Behavorial Therapy.  She said for years psychiatrists just found drugs to throw at people….they were supposed to fix everything but now they’re dealing with more problems, often as a result of the drugs initially prescribed.  That’s why she’s anxious to get my daughter off the anti-anxiety meds that she’s on.  Understanding and working through the withdrawal symptoms is really important.  My daughter only took them for 3 months and a very low dose but there are still some side effects such as anxiety of course, headaches and even nausea.  The Dr is hopeful that this all ends in the next few days……I’m hopeful too!

Then she asked how I dealt with my own ups/downs.  So I told her that I probably use avoidance.  I don’t like feeling sad, down, blue, depressed, or whatever you want to call it so I do everything in power to not feel that way, which for me is getting up and doing something…..anything, to take my mind off in a different direction.  She said that was good….for me.  

At the end, whether I fully understand what goes on in my daughters head when she has her depressive moods or anxiety attacks, I need to encourage her to get out more and engage with other people and to do what I’m doing now…..just be there for her.

After the appointment we went for lunch and to a consignment/thrift store.  The person that runs it has impeccable taste for beautiful things and displays them in a way that you just want to buy it all.   I did buy a vase…..it’s beautiful and looks lovely on my new shelves.  It’s Raku pottery    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raku_ware   I’ll take a picture of it later today….it’s so pretty!

But….my new rule around here is one thing in/one thing (or more!) out.  I’ve packed up 3 sets of cappuccino cups and saucers that I have used a handful of times….I’ll keep the small white ones, which are the perfect size.  Why I had all the others, I don’t know.  I think a couple sets were gifts….one set hasn’t even made it out of the box!

I really need to stick to this rule……I have so much stuff that is taking up valuable storage space around here.  Cleaning out all this is kind of like cleaning out your head….get rid of all the clutter and only keep what’s important and what you really need!



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