Sunday….A Day of Rest

Much needed after a sleepover with my grandson.

He’s such a good little guy and no problem at all, but it still exhausts me trying to keep up.

We did a lot of things yesterday afternoon and we were both pooped out by the time we got home.

On the way to the dump we went for lunch and stopped at a friends place so I could drop off the old bullnoses from the steps and visit for a few minutes.

He liked the dump!   The big garbage trucks fascinated him.  Unfortunately the tractors/backhoe things weren’t in action.   He helped unload the old carpet but then didn’t want to leave after we were finished… he’s coming with me next time.  It’s hard to find a “dump buddy” that actually has a good time there!

We stopped at a neat tool store   I was looking for a new birdfeeder but there is so much to look at there it kept him busy for almost an hour, I love it there and so did he.  Next stop was Safeway to pick out what he wanted for dinner, then through the cashwash, which scared him a little at first, but then he wanted to go through it again!

Dinner, a bath, jammies, a movie and some popcorn and we were both done by 9:30!  We managed a couple pages of a book and that was it.

It was a really good day.  I know Grandpa would have had a good time and probably pointed out a lot more stuff than I did, but I think I came in a pretty good second.

Today though………phew!   I do have one thing on my “to do list” that I will get done…, shoes and more shoes.    Ken had more shoes than me!  Some really nice ones too….the sandals he bought in Italy are going to be hard to let go, but what am I going to do with them?  I have to realistic here or I could end up with everything, forever!

Someone will get good use out of all these shoes and boots.  Some are almost brand new, worn only a couple of times.

This is the first step I think in letting his “stuff” go.  There’s a great thrift store not far from here that I’ll take them too.  They work with both the needy and handicapped people in the community, including employing them in the store.  I know all those shoes will be appreciated by someone.

I’ve had my hour or two to recover so will get busy doing this before I change my mind….which could be very easy to do if I wait any longer.



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