Throwback Thursday

With his Dad…..

around 3 years old.  What a cutie!

around 3 years old. What a cutie!

He was a lot like his Dad.  A pretty easy going guy that didn’t like conflict of any sort.  Generally kept his opinions to himself, got along with just about everyone and just liked to have a good time.

Reno bus trip with his parents

Reno bus trip with his parents

His parents like to go to Reno.  One year they talked us into going on a bus trip with them to Reno and San Francisco.  I think it was about 10 days…..a long time to spend on a bus!  We’d been married a year or two, so probably some time in 1975 or 76.  I remember we were the youngest people on the bus….everyone called us the “honeymooners”….definitely not something I would have done for a honeymoon!  His parents were probably the second youngest couple on that bus.  But we did have a good time.

The Reno time was of course all spent in casinos….but we had a budget and had to stick to it….it was before the days of ATM and bank machines so you could only spend what you had.  I don’t remember if we won anything, but probably not, we weren’t very lucky when it came to gambling.  Ken liked playing roulette and did pretty good, or at least didn’t lose everything.

San Francisco was fun.  We were there for a few days and went on a couple of tours organized by the bus people but one of the days we rented a car and drove all over the place….  We went to see the Righteous Brothers at one of the hotels.

Part of that tour took us through the Napa Valley and on a couple of winery tours.  We bought wine and stuff for a “picnic” on the bus.  His parent were a lot of fun back then…..especially if his Mom had a drink or two…lol.

I can’t remember much more…..that was such a long time ago now.

We went on other trips to Reno with parents, but flew….no more buses.  I think in later years that’s what put Ken and I off on ever doing another tour where a bus was involved.

After we had kids we went on a couple of road trips with them, to Yellowstone Park, down the Oregon coast and a few other long weekend trips.  We always had a good time.  They were pretty easy to get along with.  Ken always did the driving…..he liked to drive and said that he felt the safest if he was driving….he was NOT a good passenger….trust me!

We also went on a couple of trips with my parents…..they were fun too.  I think we were lucky to have had the opportunities to do that.  Not everyone does.  The kids loved it.

I hope I can go on trips with my kids and grandkids.  We’ve got Hawaii coming up, which I’m really looking forward too.  Ken would have liked that for sure……I’m not sure about road trips though…..especially if he wasn’t the driver.



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