Wonky Work Hours

Working late and longer hours, including a few hours on the weekends, is really throwing everything off around here.


Because there is just me, I don’t have to worry about making dinner…..and I haven’t.   I get home too late to make anything exciting and because we tend to have a lot of snacks in our project room, I’m not really very hungry by then anyway.  I do have a good lunch, so that hopefully makes up for some of the strange things I’ve been eating in the evening.

I guess they’re not really strange things, just not things that one would normally have for dinner.  Tortilla chips and salsa, popcorn, a couple of pieces of cheese, some fruit, a bowl of cereal, peanut butter on bread (not even toasted!) to name a few of the gourmet dinners I’ve had the last little while.  This could become a bad habit again!  This was my routine when Ken was in the hospital too….just not really very good.

I’ve also not been doing the things around here that I want to do…or should do.   I’m not the type of person that comes in the door and gets right into working on whatever….dinner, housework or a project.  I need my “down” time first, which is checking the mail, reading emails, having a glass of wine etc.

This “down” time business started a couple of years ago.  Dinner was later because Ken would have his lunch later, usually around 2 in the afternoon.  He was really struggling with meals so he was never in a hurry to have dinner.  This wasn’t a bad thing really because initially it gave me time to get a half decent dinner put together after work and get some things done around the house before it was too late.  We’d usually eat between 7:30 and 8.

For the first little while I’d get home, get dinner started and do things…..get a load of laundry in, tidy up, clean a bathroom….maybe even vacuum.  The first year or so Ken was still doing “his jobs”, which helped a lot.  Usually the after dinner dishes and whatever else I’d put on his “to do” list for that day or week.   Then he couldn’t do some things anymore and I took over those jobs…then eventually all his jobs.  I started to get tired and I didn’t really care anymore if this stuff got done on Monday, Friday or even the next week……or if any of it got done at all!  And really none of them were that important when you looked at the big picture.

I’d get home from work and instead of doing anything, I’d get dinner started and sit down….read a book or get on the internet searching for that illusive thing that would help him, catching up on emails and my fav websites…definitely nothing that “needed” doing around the house.

After dinner I wouldn’t do anything either because by then it was “too late” to start doing whatever.

It was a bad habit to get into, but such was life back then……..it was what it was.

I’m finding some of those habits awfully hard to break now.  I was doing pretty good……and had pretty well gotten out of some of those bad habits….until I started working later.  It was really easy to slip back, but now for a totally different reason.

The good thing is, this won’t last forever.  There is an end in sight to the audit at work….and of course for work, period!  I only have about 30 work days left before I retire.  I don’t want these weird dinners and this doing nothing habit to come back…that is not how I want to spend my evenings when I retire.  Although every now and again it won’t be a bad thing…..just not all the time.

…..and I have a lot of stuff on my list(s)!  They are NOT going to get done if I fall back to my old ways.  For now though, seen this is just a temporary set back, I’m not going to worry too much about it…..if I keep it up after then I’ll have some real work to do!



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