Good Friends

The plaque over the door to my kitchen!  I love it and it's so true......

The plaque over the door to my kitchen! I love it and it’s so true……

I think this should be first on the plaque……because really, how can you enjoy good food and good wine without good friends??  You probably could, but it’s definitely more fun and much better with friends.

We seen some great pictures last night…..she’s a great photographer and has, or had (got stolen 😦 ) a really good camera….that she knew how to use.  She was there in October of last year and we’ll be going in November, so it gave us a pretty good idea of the weather we might run into.  Wearing layers was the best thing… just never knew if you were going to freeze one minute and cook the next.  Another helpful hint…..very helpful….was that pit toilets were pretty much the norm there….except for the handicapped stalls…..this is good to know!

Lots of gardens and flowers that were beautiful…’s a fairly temperate climate so hopefully, even with the odd chilly day, there will still be lots in bloom.  The colours of everything…..buildings, streetlights, gardens, statues was so brilliant and vibrant.  I can’t wait!  Food, of course is subjective, but she pretty much enjoyed everything and was sorry that she didn’t try some of the street food, at least the cooked stuff, but she chose to err on the side of caution….just in case.

It was a great evening, with not just good, but great food, wine and friends.

My plaque says it all.  Friends are so important.  I love entertaining and one of my goals is to get back into doing it.  We had so many fun nights, dinner parties, game nights or whatever.  I love cooking too…..and it’s just not that much fun doing it for one!  I could get pretty creative before.  I really miss that.  And the only way it can happen again at my house is if I make the effort to do it! 

Homemade "pull apart" buns shaped like a cluster of grapes....Ken painstakingly but out the grape leaves....

Homemade “pull apart” buns shaped like a cluster of grapes….Ken painstakingly cut out the grape leaves….

I did manage, last year, to pull off a couple and they were lots of fun and not the least bit awkward, which is what I was a little afraid of.  One was a whole group of people for a retirement party…..that was actually the easiest.  Lots of different conversations, everyone brought food, it was a beautiful day, so we were inside and outside…..easy peasy.  But I did worry about it before…..what would it be like, just me putting something like this on?

I have had a couple of dinners, which also worked out just fine.  I didn’t feel like that odd person out, like I thought I might.  We were usually always couples….it was different but it wasn’t awkward.

These people have been friends forever….I love them all.  I don’t know why I was worried.  I feel very comfortable with them, which is a great thing.

I’ll have to add a dinner or two to my “to do list”.  I’ll definitely have one for the friends that are going to China…..we always do that before a vacation.  Those dinners are usually a theme dinner based on where we’re going…..Chinese is not one of the things I’m terribly good at, but that will be my challenge.  It won’t be too authentic but it’ll be my version of Chinese food.  I can do it!

Today is beautiful again…..I have to make up for the time lost yesterday and get cracking on everything that needs to be done.  Some housework would be a good place to start!  I can’t find my counters for papers that have accumulated over the week….how annoying.  I keep saying that isn’t going to happen but it does, over and over….. maybe I can fix that after I’m retired!



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