Happy Saturday!

Well…..it will be after I get home from work!!  Argh.

It’s such a beautiful day and I hate to miss the morning because that’s when I’m the most productive around here.  I’m only going in for a couple of hours but I’d much rather be spending it here.   So I guess work will get the best of me today!

I’ve got a fun evening to look forward to and might just treat myself to a bit of shopping on the way home.

Depending on how tired I am when I do get home, I may get around to putting the knobs on my cabinets and getting a bunch of stuff ready to take to the dump tomorrow.  Ken would have had all that done by now….but unfortunately I don’t move at the same pace as he did.

I’m still getting various papers in the mail regarding the estate….mostly forms that will be needed for filing his income tax and mine.  Yesterday I received two…..how many more are yet to come?  I really don’t like receiving these…..”Regarding the estate of…..” or referring to him “NAME, deceased”.  I know its all part of the process but I still don’t like seeing it!  Along with all the papers over the last week, I also received another cheque from his employer…….for the balance of his holiday pay from 2010!!  It wasn’t a fortune, but really……almost 5 years later they get around to sending this??  They deducted $178 of tax, which I’ll get back but the stupidest part of it is that they dated it 2015, so I’ll now have to file tax for 2015 too!

I have all that to deal with before the end of April, so will add it to the list….but it’ll have to be close to the top because it HAS to be done, unlike all the rest of the stuff on those lists…….

Well, I’m off to work on a beautiful, bright, sunny Saturday morning…..not a happy camper!  But not many days left now, so I won’t complain too much…..



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