Happy Valentines Day!


I hope everyone has a great day doing whatever they enjoy with people they love.

Unfortunately my last one wasn’t too exciting 😦  Ken was in the hospital.  I picked up a card, some of his favorite nuts (pistachios) and a couple of chocolate bars for him.  I don’t remember if I went and picked up anything special for dinner.

I can’t say that I have any super special Valentine Day memories.  We never really did anything too exciting for Valentines Day, just usually cards and some little treat.  Ken was good at making sure that all the kids got something too.  Maybe just a chocolate heart filled with M and M’s, but there was always something.  We’d just have dinner at home, maybe order in Chinese or pizza.  Restaurants were always so crowded and we really didn’t like having to wait around forever to get a seat….and there was usually a hockey game on TV anyway that we’d wouldn’t want to miss.

In my mail yesterday was a pretty purple envelope….I didn’t recognize the writing and there was no return address……that’s always kind of exciting!  In it were two very pretty painted hearts from my grandkids……just the cutest and best thing to receive.  It made my day.

Tonight I’m babysitting the grandbabies so my son can make his wife a nice dinner and then enjoy it in peace!  She’s working today, so it’s going to be a surprise……he’s very thoughtful, like his Dad.  I know she’ll appreciate it.

I’m going into work this morning for a couple of hours but will have to think about what to make the kids for dinner that will be fun…maybe tacos.   They love my virgin margaritas in the cute little cactus glasses.  I’ll also have to pick up some little Valentine treats for them.

I don’t often read the obituaries….it’s just too depressing but last night I did and I’m very sorry that I did.  I knew TWO people that died and I only got as far as the P’s….I couldn’t read anymore.  One was another kidney cancer patient that we’d met through KCC.  J was a great guy, he went to visit Ken while he was in hospital and also spoke at a Patient Education session last fall.  I was very sorry to read about him passing away.  He was having a rough time but his scan last fall had been pretty good and he was a very positive and upbeat guy and his wife was just as positive.  I wonder what happened,  we know things can change very quickly sometimes. I’ll wait a few days and give her a call…..I know what a tough time those first few weeks are.

The other was a guy that Ken had known through work, they’d known each other for years.  I knew him from Christmas parties and other work get togethers…..we went to his 50th birthday party!  He was 62 and had had alzheimers for the last 5 years.  How sad is that?  So young, just so young to have been dealt that mess.  I don’t know his wife well enough to call her but I know they had lots of family and friends, so I hope she’ll be OK.  It must be awfully hard though, because I’m sure she lost him a long time ago…..there was no hope….at least I had that to cling too!

I’m off to work and looking forward to a fun evening with the kiddies.

To Ken…




2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Linda, I’m very sorry to hear about J. You are right, he seemed very upbeat in November for the patient meeting in Vancouver. I will also try and get in touch with his wife.
    Sounds like you had an awesome Valentine’s weekend with your grandbabies! hope you can catch up on rest a bit now that you are back to work! ;p

    • Hi Mary! Yes, very sad to read about J. Both he and his wife were very positive. He had lived with rcc for over 14 years and all had been pretty good up until the last year or so. A great example of survivorship. He was also very generous with his support of other patients. Truly a great loss.

      I hope you’re recovering nicely and things are getting back to normal for you.

      Take care.

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