Always A Little Snag….

I did get a lot done yesterday….yeah!

But for whatever reason the two top cabinets on the left weren’t exactly the same…..just off a bit, but enough that I had to reorganize the top and bottom to get them all to line up properly.

Once that was done, with the help of my son and daughter, we screwed the cabinets together so we wouldn’t have a gap between the two.  Not sure what the problem was with these two cabinets…..just made a different times maybe, one screw hole a little off…..who knows, but it was a annoying.  I’m glad my kids were there because getting the screws in to connect the cabinets was definitely a two person job… person keeping them together the way they should be and the other getting the screws in.  And I have not mastered using the drill as a screwdriver……I don’t know how many screws I stripped and then had to take them back out because I couldn’t get them in all the way…….I will have to work on that because nobody has enough strength to get these in by hand.

the white just brightens the room so much.....can't wait to get the shelves up!

the white just brightens the room so much…..can’t wait to get the shelves up!

This morning all I have to do is join the top and bottom… each side will become one big unit.  I was going to attach them to the wall, but I think they are heavy enough that they won’t be going anywhere.  To be safe, once they are done, I’ll have them anchored, on each side to the brick.

I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel now, so I can get some other stuff done around here……what a mess I’ve created.

It’s quite nice this morning, after days and days of rain.  The sun pokes through every now and again and it’s pretty mild.  This always makes my day go better…..

We have a new addition to the family J  My niece had a beautiful little baby boy early Friday morning.  He’s a little brother for their daughter who just turned 4 in December.  He makes 8 little ones now in the family….so much fun.



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